Friday, October 29, 2010

Sheer Girl

The thing about living in a metropolitan city is how boring it looks...yeah, you've got all kinds of restaurants and boutiques and new stores are being built every second...But check out this grass! Its some kind of crazy yellow red green color! And in some months it will change, it will blue and green and yellow...and its always moving in the wind. Its beautiful.

I am a texture whore. I love to touch things-fabric, wood, stone. Thats probably the second big reason I love fashion (the first is the design, but of course)-the wools, the chiffons, the corduroy....fur. It was only a matter of time before I grew my own tail, anyway.

Such beautiful, beachy colors! Pearl, taupe, white!
This outfit is the anti-thesis of something that I would never have worn years ago. A sheer top? A giant pearly necklace? Form fitting pants? Heels? Not on your life. Its so interesting how your fashion sense evolves.
Totally got these pants and shoes covered in sand and dirt. It was awesome.
And while you would think that it is crazy to wear heels out in the woods its actually very comfortable. It makes you feel really steady to be able to have a little firm platform and heel. And the impact of the soft earth under you...way better than walking on concrete in heels.
Living in NYC, whenever I see grass and rocks I feel my eyes and soul sighing with relief. I'm sorry, I will have to stop going all Walt Whitman on you.

I just finished baking a brioche and let me tell you, its terrible how sticky that stuff can be. Its super annoying. But once I took it out of the loaf pan....the smell of it was so...incredible. I will share pictures of that soon. That loaf has about 2 sticks of butter and 6 eggs, so it had BETTER be delicious.
The thing about this shirt is how elusive it is. Its sheer but it also has this slight shimmer to it which usually makes me go EWWWWW (I hate glittery clothing like it killed my pet or something) but this shirt...its okay. Its like a cloud. Is it warm? Is it thin? Its somehow both.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to a farm to eat some of the farm's food for a birthday breakfast. Then we're going to go hiking and have a wee picnic with snacks and wine. That night...who knows? All I know is, I took the entire day and night off from work to go so either way, its a good day.

Wow the coloring in this bottom picture is off, but I see many bloggers photoshop intentionally do this. It does look kinda neat, huh.

These shoes are such great quality. And they were super cheap. There's a target now in Manhattan, but its quite the walk from the 116 street station that I rarely go. Le sigh.

outfit details

charlotte russe

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Graffiti Girl

There is this park a bit of a walk from my house and...its amazing. Photography wise. Outfit shots are gorgeous out there. I'm from upstate NY where its millions of trees and green. To live in NYC with a postage stamp backyard and cement everywhere, I really need the green. Trees, that is.
My number one complaint is the lack of Nature here...and where there is Nature, there are ALWAYS people. You are never alone. Even in this delightful park, there are tons of people, but its great because nearer the water there are trees with so many criss crossy trails to explore and there usually aren't too many people on the trails.

There is this long, rambling brick wall that surrounds the park administration building, and where the land meets the Sound the brick just crumblies down brick by brick. Its behind the building, so the kids come and graffiti-ize it.

I think by taking pictures I begin to see what really suits my body type. While I love wide leg pants for some reason, they do me no favors-I'm too short and curvy to really pull it off (unless I wear crazy tall shoes).
But these skinnies-and cords, my favorite texture-are a match made in heaven. Not too sure how I feel about the kinda colorless taupe color but they are super comfy!I love them tucked into cuffed sandals. Btw, how AMAZING is it to be able to wear sandals at the end of October? Craziness.
And for me not to be wearing 4 layers is something of a miracle. I love me some layers, but today I walked out the door with no fear. Later, to class I changed and wore the 3 layers plus coat.

I want to be healthier, so I have been trying to drink more water and move around more in general. This park is about a 5 minute walk from home, and frolicking on the trails and along the water trying to find a perfect spot to take pictures for at least an hour HAS to burn some calories, right?
Its convenient to play dress up in your room and find a blank wall and take pictures in it but the walls, the ceiling, the still air just does not help you feel that awesome kind of outdoor energy, happiness. I am definitely cured of my shyness of taking pictures of myself outdoors.

Will I get better at being a model?

Pfft. Most likely never. But the clothes, the outfits! They ripple in the breeze, the yellow leaves are twirling down all around and it was just so much fun today.

I love how simple but cool this outfit is. Plain striped shirt, simple but delicate earrings, cords, badass sandals. Way to go, me!

outfit details:
charlotte russe
amazon, forget the brand

Apple Pickin' It Up

It is quite true that I have lived in New York state for most of my life and have never gone apple picking. I mean, I have tried to climb apple trees and pick off the little tiny crab apples, but not big ole edible, pie making kinds of apples.
Last year was the first year I actually went apple picking, you a farm.
Its was blast. We went again this year:
The place that we go to is this orchard that totally becomes some kind of apple-y amusement park with a cafe and a barn full of wasps and treats and dreams.
...And wooden boards with apples and pumpkins and buses painted on them. We sometimes have a sick kind of humor. Hopefully no children were watching us.

Trish is preggers! And is the most stylish lady evar.

I look impossibly short next to her, it was totally the angle. But a giant I am not. You can hardly tell she is pregnant, and she wondered alot whether people eyeing her thought she had a 'soup belly'. I forget her exact, brilliant words. Perhaps it was beer belly.

Time for the traditional Apple Ball, and then Apple Bowling.

So i was wearing this necklace that has a tiny magnifying lens and in this picture I am studying the apple with it. I had to caption this because I know myself I had no idea what was happening in the photo until someone reminded me.

The arm warmers were made for me by my talented friend Ren who lives out in LA.
Such a great day this was....soooo perfect.
We totally drank enough cider and ate enough warm cider donuts to kill a yak. Or a small kitten.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catch Up

I totally keep forgetting to share this, but I dyed my hair. I haven't dyed it in a few years-I was curious to see what my natural color was. But now I feel as though it is ashy and mousy. I didn't want a huge change, but something...subtle. Her Mousyness.

Ah yes, by all means eat the box.

I forgot how smelly and messy it is. At first I was like, "This smells kinda good.....aaaaaaaargh!! It burns my eyes, the smell!"

Its kinda nice to see the different dyes they have now. They have this cool thing where you can dye your hair to add tones of coolness or warmth-I would need to find something that combats the red that my hair has and comes out like crazy whenever I dye my hair.

I finally went with something with 'natural' in the name...I didn't want something crazy blond or dark.
Finally the end result...subtle, except in the sunshine. Outside and certain kinds of indoor light its mad obvious that I dyed it. Warmer, blonder, redder.

I made a quiche for the first time! Its not as hard as you would just seems like it cuz you have to make a crust. As you can see, I made one side have extra cheese on top. The rest of it just had mushrooms, cheese, eggs and thyme from our windowbox herbs!

I definitely recommend trying a quiche for dinner because its quick, you can put whatever you want in it-mushrooms, leeks, potatoes, meat, veggies....

Retro Hair Girl

I don't know what is going on with my hair but its fabulous today. I did a side swoop and my hair was on board. It was all like, "Yeahh lets DO this I'm awesome hair!"Peter pan collar and puffy sleeves? Um yes please. Except I don't know how I feel about sweaters with short sleeves....isnt the point of a sweater to keep you warm? My arms are susceptible to cold, you know. I need a full body sweater.

I don't know whats up with me, but I have been sleeping a lot lately. Is it the weather? Am I just working too moshe? I feel like I have been doing a lot, but at the same time, I know I have been wasting a lot of my free time...
I want to be...healthier. I want to drink more water, exercise (I work at a gym for crying out loud!), and create more art! Speaking of art...check out my etsy! I've finally put up new necklaces! Still need to put up a couple more....maybe if I sell some first, hahaha. I haven't been advertising or chatrooming up my store lately...bad me!!

I love illustrating...especially vintage-y type things that are on my t shirt, for instance. I used to feel really self conscious about thin t shirts...but there is something delicious about them on your skin. Somehow pretty warm for being like tissue....

I'm wearing a necklace as a bracelet, and the whole outfit is so matchy...sigh.
There's a reason why I do that, I think. A psychological reason. I think too many people used to tell me that I never I trying to please those people??

Outfit deets:
shoes: thrifted
pants: h&m
top: target
sweater: thrifted
necklace: gap
ring: finded

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dragonfly Girl

Sorry about the not blogging thing. Things have been sort of chaotic for me. I am working often, and I had to make a tough decision to withdraw from a class.
But by dropping that class, it means dropping out on a dream.
It has to be this way but it is the best thing for me right now. You know that kind of decision.

But by giving up that one dream, I have made a decision to carry on with a different dream that is my passion. Not like the reliable, dependable dream I gave up on, but the Ultimate Dream. Its like giving up law school to become an artist. Very different. One is more steady than the other, but if art is your love....
Its just tough...what if you love something, but no one has told you you're great at it? Its super risky to try to make a living by it....

Besides work, there is still lots of stuff going on. A close friend and another friend are preggers and will have their babies within a week of each other. It really makes you think-well, it makes me think-about families. I've never really thought about having one-I feel like I'm super young and not ready-but now I am thinking about babies and marriage, just in general. What does it all mean?? Etc etc. I think I will plan my friend's baby shower, though. An opportunity to bake and make place cards and invitations and games with a theme, HECK YES.

Thank goodness for my goodwill, I find everything there. I've always wanted those sailor type pants, with the six button closure on the front. I found these pants at Goodwill, and while I don't think the style suits short curvy ladies like me, I can't help but love these and feel stylish in them.
I have been finding really great finds at Charlotte Russe. I remember when the store was kinda ghetto fab and the quality was horrifying. Now I have been finding really great tops like this one here with long sleeves and a kind of cowl neck. I even found some pants there that are the kind that I would design myself.
The necklace here came from CR also. I have just been pleasantly surprised by the company. The quality is still kinda iffy sometimes. But the design is much much much better.

And i just love the amber of the necklace paired with pearls and with a gray color.

I found the ring on the right at CR too. I just love the depth of it because of the gold fleck layers, and i love that the ring is tough plastic and I don't feel like I'm gonna nick it on anything.

can't go wrong with striped pants.

Check out this stylish beeyotch.

I pinned a hair pin to my hat-it helps my hat to stay on my head, always a good thing.

Outfit deets:
shoes: daffy's
pants: thrifted
top: charlotte russe
vest: thrifted
necklace: cr
hat: uo
pin: h&m