Monday, June 28, 2010

Someone Said, True Love is Dead, but I'm Bound to Fall

I had this thing for awhile where I loved any kind of lace applique on a top. This shirt below from Forever21 was a good example of what I loved. What I dont love is that I'm a klutz and should never buy light colored tops-this one had a badly placed stain from me. I thought, I will just cut off the lace and who cares about the shirt? So i cut the lace off the bottom, which I use as an awesome necklace/scarf.
Then I thought maybe i can save this shirt, if i just cut it short and get rid of the stained area?

And this is what I ended up with because the stain was in such an awkward place. A mini shirt, with my belly? What a bad idea....But it works here because i made this American Apparel skirt high waisted. Mwahahaha!

Apologies again for the bad modeling and uncropped/unedited photos....but in the near future, I might not live here with a million roommates soon...then I will make sure I have a good spot to shoot pictures! Mysterious comment added! Now you must keep reading my exciting blog!

So this is day two with my wisdom teeth taken out-actually all four need to come out, two were impacted, two not. I could only afford for two to come out, but the experience is not so bad, not as bad as I thought it would be. I asked everyone around me about their experiences and heard so many different things, I didn't know what to expect.

But my doctor was super awesome and very considerate, even giving me his cell number for me to call him at any time and he called me later in the day after the surgery to check up on me.
If anyone needs an awesome oral surgeon, tell me, i can recommend a good one in manhattan!
Plus, my love came with me and took me home and was, all in all, a way awesome nurse and put labels on my meds, saying when i took them. And he bought me pudding and applesauce and he made jello and this awesomely thin pork chop and mushroom soup for dinner. I thought I would sleep all day, but really, i ended up taking like a four hour nap and was up and about, helping around the house on the same day. Most likely cuz I have so many good drugs. Good drugs.

I must have had two smoothies that first day.
I feel like my jaw is terribly swollen and looks wonky...its hard to swallow. But im glad it was only two taken out from the left side, else how could i swallow without anything touching the back of both sides of my jaws?

Anyway, I must go, my mom is visiting me, and I got a hotel room for us to chill out in (my house has noooooo AC, the most awful mistake to have when you live in NYC, which as the WORST weather imaginable during the winter and summer).
These are obviously not pictures of me on day one or two of my wisdom teeth out, for i look something like this (look left):

I guess that could be my love pictured on the right, being annoyed by my insistence that my face is swoooooollen, my face is alll faaaaaaaaat.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tighten Up on Your Reins...

So I have been woefully terrible at the updating-ness of this blog.
To sum it up: Stopped working at Anthro (TRAGEDY), started up an etsy shop (CRAZYNESS), new projects including an illustration gig, art directing a short film, got a new private client, filling my mouth full of cavities...

and coming up is! A visit from my mom and sister! Aaand getting two of my wisdom teeth out!
So there is a lot going on right now...

I am so in love with these scalloped simple but unlike any other pair of shorts out there for all their simplicity.
And while I am not a fan of the color black, black and white is so classic and versatile.

In order to stay de-stressed, I tend to look on netflix watch instantly for things to watch. I happened upon the tv show Cashmere Mafia.
Its...pretty bad. Pretty shallow. But I enjoyed comparing it to Mad Men in my head. I mean, think about it, Mad Men and Cashmere Mafia is about a gender who is successful at their work. But while Mad Men shows the men moving through the scenes like slow circling sharks, all smooth and dangerous and suave, Cashmere Mafia has the women basically trot through every scene in high heels (seeing someone run in high heels always amuses me) in some kind of dramatic panic.
The men of Mad Men are smoking their cigarettes and womanizing, the women of Cashmere Mafia throw open their closet doors and unwrap things from Gucci. The women are always flitting around, sprinting through the work scenes as quickly through the home scenes. The men are always at work or doing work related things (thats where a good majority of their womanizing gets done also) and reluctantly, reluctantly we see them in their home environment.

I will admit, I haven't yet started Season 2 of Mad Men, but then again, I have only gone five episodes in to Cashmere Mafia, which I have a feeling is not going to evolve too much in any way, anyway.
Scathing? I don't know. I feel a fascination and revulsion while watching Mad Men and the same happens with Cashmere Mafia, but the latter just seems too...unrealistic. Its set in a modern day time, shouldn't it feel more relatable, even if one character's shoes cost more than my monthly income? Mad Men is set in the fifties...or is it sixties? And I relate more to the poor misogynized women in that than I do to the female cast in Cashmere. Just spewing out what my mind thinks about when I watch stuff.
I dont know why I compared these two shows, theyre decades and cultures apart....