Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double The Stripe, Double the Fun

I saw this article in a fashion mag once about wearing a cardigan over a cardigan.
I was struck by how simple but amazing this idea of doubling is.
And you can apply this to any part of an outfit-double necklace, wearing two scarves, wearing two belts. I knew I wanted to start experimenting. After all, during the winter, wearing two of anything sounds pretty great to me.
This is a very subtle start-two tops with stripes, to ease myself into it.
My guy really loved the tie belt! Its actually a belt, it just happens to look like a tie...
I think this top works with or without a necklace-the neckline is open enough to wear something, but its also sort of frilly and dainty enough on its own.
Gray goes well with everything, right? Red heels or fluorescent yellow sneakers could look just as cute with this outfit as these flat green shoes look!
Shawl collar sweater: American Eagle Outfitters
top: Anthropologie
necklace: forever21
tie: hand me down
boyfriend jeans: target

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Endeavor: Tights with Knee Socks

Hello World,
Today I tried something that I never would've thought to do on my own, though I do own all the ingredients.

I wore tights with knee socks, along with flat boots. It is logical; tights and knee socks by themselves are too thin in the winter.

I saw girls wearing it, thought it charming, but felt I couldn't 'pull it off'. Behold my visual victory of this endeavor:
I worried my knee socks were too tall, or too short to be seen because my boots are too tall, or the hem of my skirt was too long for any of this to work. But it is silly to worry with layers; you can always remove one if you feel awkward.

Silly me! I felt unspeakably adorable. A nice suprise was that my knees felt a little breeze, refreshing after weeks of wearing two pairs of pants and knee socks, but most of me was toasty and super-comfy.
I love the mixture of these textures: thick knits with the fine corduroy, the fuzzy sweater, a graphic print with the shiniest of metal necklaces, and scuffed up shoes(its own kind of unique character).
Sweater: thrifted
top: thrifted
necklace: forever21
cord skirt: thrifted
tights: freepeople
knee socks: target
hat: urban outfitters
boots: urban outfitters (saaale!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello World!
I do not tolerate the cold very well, but I do love dressing up to stay warm!

This winter, I am obsessed with the idea of OVER-SIZED HOODS, ARMWARMERS, and NECKWARMERS-pretty much any winter item designed to keep the warmth in!
I have noticed that a lot of women's coats are actually not very warm-at least not warm enough to withstand the arctic winds of Manhattan.

I was really happy this past fall to find this coat from Urban Outfitters,
but its definitely not a winter coat. I do love the over-sized hood...I pretend that I am a jedi when I wear it.
I also had my heart set on another coat with an over-sized hood from U.O....I just adore how deep the hood is, and even when its not on your head, it drapes beautifully around the shoulders!

You can see what it looks like when the coat is unbuttoned, below.
Another hearted item: don't you just ADORE AND WORSHIP this NECKWARMER from H&M?

Look at the different ways you can wear it! What would you call this garment?
A scarf?
A neckwarmer?

Neckwarmer/Scarf: H&M
grey t-shirt: H&M
sweater: thrifted
black jeans: Purchase Find*
legwarmers: target?
shoes: forever21
coat (in previous image): Urban Outfitters

* A Purchase Find is what I call the items that I have taken from my old college at Purchase, NY at semester's end and everyone would be throwing away clothing that they didn't want to pack. I have many a good Purchase Finds.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello World!

For the past few months, I have been happily perusing the blogosphere for every fashion-oriented blog that I could find.

Its like when you like something, but you don't know anyone else who likes it. And then one day, you meet someone who also loves that thing. You hear a chorus of angels, they have some kind of bright gold glow around their head, you want to take their hands and dance around with them in a meadow and giggle.

I love clothes, but I live with three guys so I don't have too many people to share my joy with.
Its tough to live in a city with such fashionable people; I just want to quit my job and park my butt in a chair and take pictures of everyone. I want to tack on even more debt so that I can try to apply to FIT or Parsons to learn more about clothes. I don't want to read about the news or politics, I just want to study the fashion section of a bookstore.

One day, not too long ago, I found a blog about fashion. It was more relatable to me than blogs or magazines that talked only about big designers that I would never be able to afford. That blog had a whole list of other blogs that they liked, and so I kept looking and finding.

These blogs, and these ladies, were so inspiring. I wanted to be a part of this community, to share and learn my loves and finds. I wanted to know more about fashion history, clothing design and construction. I wanted to know more about style. I wanted to learn more about expression. I still do, and this is my attempt at that.

Let me just put up a collage of a few things I love that I spent too much time on: