Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Belatedly Posting Girl

Hi Everyone!
Long time, no see! I have been a terrible blogger, but I have some good excuses: jury duty, barbeques, our apartment got robbed! Not to mention major friend time, getting ready for school, work drama and oh yeah...the weather is so nice!

So on to the important stuff: summer is all about throwing on a dress, accessories and sandals!
Layering only gets you bonus points, but lets save it for the fall and just embrace the simplicity of summer!

I will be honest, I am a sucker for any clothing design that has some special-ness to the back and normally I wouldn't be interested in a dress with this print! I threw on a hunter green belt to give some definition even though there is no green whatsoever to this dress....

My guy so cutely encouraged me to "wear a ribbon" over the waist to cover up the elastic...its great when someone you love gives you suggestions!

I thought the tribal-esque pattern on the wedges paired nicely with the simple pattern on the dress, which makes me love this dress even more.
Note to self, an overly simple pattern can be interpreted as geometric, or tribal, or even floral, making it way more versatile!

I have lots more to share with you guys, I have sooo much to catch you up on!
I will keep you in touch with what happens at Fashion School this fall....
I always put up tons of new vintage/handmade jewelry on etsy:
Check it out when you get a chance!

Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Dress Warm (Skirt Version)

Hello! I wanted to make a tutorial on how to dress super warm during the cold months. I love snow and being all snug and warm indoors while a snowstorm rages outside. I even love driving in the snow.
The weather in Manhattan is extreme-arctic winters and scalding summers. I always feel cold, so trying new ways to stay warm in the cold are important to me. And if you learn something new to do, then thats even better!

And winter is my favorite time to take photographs. The subtle changes in the color of snow, the glitter of diamonds when the sun hits the delicate and beautiful!

I am really addicted to boiled wool sweaters. I find them mostly at Anthropologie-they are warm, but thin. With boiled wool, you can be warm but not feel as though you are a walking bundle of layers who must waddle instead of walk.

You know how you sometimes button up a sweater wrong? With this sweater, you can button it pretty much anyway you want, and you look avant garde instead of a person who cannot button up four buttons correctly.

P.S. I am totally one of those people who has to check very carefully when buttons are involved; I will do it wrong half the time, every time.

I found this jacket at Goodwill, and I don't know if it is meant to be a winter jacket but I wear it anyway.
This was my first time doubling up on tights, I really thought that if you wore two pairs of tights, it would be very uncomfortable, but not so! I also layered knee high socks with the tights, as well. I think you could wear tall boots if you didn't want to have crazy looking legs like I do here.Its most important keep the legs warm if you are wearing a skirt in the winter; it is a good idea to double up on the tights, or wear a pair of tights with knee high/thigh high socks. It is fine to wear tights that are different weights too, and remember that thicker is not always better. Plus, wearing two thick tights might not be as comfortable. If you do not own sweater tights, I recommend them, they feel very nice on the legs and are super stretchy! H&M has a pretty good range of different types of tights-if you don't know much about tights, go and check it out!

Oh, right! This is supposed to be teaching something here. I tried to take pictures showing the layering process, but they didn't turn out so well. Foggy lens, I think. I love this necklace. But if you love it more, you can find it on my etsy shop. The whistle really makes it one of a kind.For your top half, layers layers layers!
And make most of those layers THIN. You will think that thicker layers will keep you warmer, but they will actually make you sweaty and uncomfortable. You need some sort of ventilation.

Start with a camisole, silk is fantastically warm. Or a tank top. If you like, you can wear a blouse or top over that. A thin sweater or cardigan over that is optional. Or, you can complete the outfit with something thicker, like a thicker sweater or blazer. Its really up to you! Experiment! In this outfit, I did a cami, a thin sweater, and then the boiled wool sweater. It was plenty warm!

Its a good idea to make sure your boots or shoes have some kind of insulation sole so there's not just a thin rubber sole between your stockinged feet and ice. Think about it, when you get cold, the first place you feel it are your head, feet and hands!

Next I would like to do a tutorial on dressing warm when wearing pants. Possibly jeans, because even though denim is thicker, its definitely not the warmest fabric in the winter.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shower Girl

I never realized it until now but...

Buuut this sweater makes me look like a monarch caterpillar!

Its uncanny, right?
At least my shoes are fabulous.

I got one of these bracelets for my sister, too. They're supposed to protect you from evil, because the design kinda looks like an eye. My mom found this ring for me at a garage sale.

I was really proud to thrift this skirt. Its very good quality and its from J.Crew! I always wanted to be able to get things from there, the designs are always so classy. I snatched this up right away, even though it has some wear on it. I love the color, and the bow!

Maybe I ruin it all by wearing a knit cap buuut its cold! I wear hats inside, until its summer!

Now that I've thought of the caterpillar thing, I keep seeing it.

So my friend is having a baby soon! I said that I would do the baby shower, even though I have never been to one and have no idea what it all entails. The books and websites on baby showers are disappointing, but I really love checking out this website, to get inspired!

My favorite part so far has been gathering things to make centerpieces like this, and to come up with a menu!

The theme that I've come up with is Bean-themed, which sounds dumb, but my friend and her husband call their baby Bean so I thought I could make it the theme of the baby shower. So, obviously there will be many jelly beans at this thing. I even...made coasters using beans....

What do you think? Are these coasters too silly looking to use?
I thought maybe I could sell them on etsy after the shower, and use the money to start a college fund for the baby Bean.
What do you all think?? Would you buy these off etsy, if it was to help a baby have some money?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SwallowTail Girl

FIT has this system where you can see all the materials that you've sent in...I went "Yeeeeee!" when I saw that FIT had not only received my portfolio, but already has reviewed it!!
I should not stake all my hopes on getting accepted...but I think I have, more than I meant to.

The weather has been crappy, by which I mean cold and wet. I don't mind so much snow! Its just...the cold. My friend's mother-in-law moved in downstairs this past weekend, and we had a huge moving party, where we moved her in and made about 6 different kinds of pizzas. We talked for hours, eating and unwrapping dishes until the late hours.
Our new neighbor is named Nicora, and she is the coolest, most beautiful woman ever. She is an artist who makes just gorgeous pastel pictures and paintings. All her furniture is antique and amazing. She has this desk that is from the Civil War.

I really love boiled wool sweaters. They're thin, but very warm. This one in particular I love because it has a swallowtail pleat sort of back.
I don't know if its kosher to wear wide leg pants with it, but I did it anyway.

I love the little frilled plaid hem on the bottom.

I also adore the rows of buttons on the trousers along with the buttons on the sweater.

I have really been digging the f21 shoes designs of late. They allow you to try a certain kind of shoe, like this desert shoe, without having to spend a bunch. I feel worried that the Manhattan streets eat the shoes up very quickly, but its all good.

I need to paint my nails soon.

Adore plaid with stripes!! <3 I pinned this navy brooch onto the sweater. Moss green and navy make for a great combo, as it turns out.

I just love the lines of this sweater/blazer. Its so unique.

My friend Ren sent me this great stuff! These are the perfect gifts that really exude her personality.

An edible moustache disguise? Count me in!

It just makes my day when I get something from friends! It could be a little tiny thing but its makes me happy for weeks! Its just like when I get comments here on this blog...such a small thing, but the thought behind it is appreciate so much!