Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine-y Daaaaay

So...I got the job!
I was totally surprised (not to mention delighted) by this new development...
I have this thing where I always worry about money and I always have to be working. I have never not had a job since I was like sixteen....

I have been worried constantly about my job situation ever since I moved to New York...I am actually pretty lucky financially; I live with roommates so my rent is pretty low. I have paid off a couple of debts except for the large college debt (ugh) and I have a yucky credit card thing going on...but I still feel restless despite the fact that things could be worse.

I would dearly love to find my dream job, which is why I feel restless. But for now, I am trying really hard to be in the moment, and love where I am and what I do. And with this new job, a place where I have always wanted to work, I am going to do this new thing and enjoy all that it brings.

I wore this out to get groceries and a gaggle of teenaged girls passed me. They all burst into laughter and I wondered, all paranoid, if it was directed at vain.
Perhaps it is the giant wooden balls hanging about my neck?
Perhaps the tiny tiny purse at my side? Its for cellphones, all the rage in Thailand!
...I find it refreshing to carry a tiny purse, when usually every day I carry around a honkin' tote bag or bulging purse...the hazard of living in a city where you don't own a car and have to carry around your whole day with you inside a giant bag.
Wish me luck for starting a new job this week!

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