Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Heart Colors

I don't know when it started, but I have always been more of a color, less of a black/white kind of dresser.
I distinctly remember as a littl'un loving to dress myself in orange leggings, an orange stretchy skirt and yellow tank top. Thought I was the s***.
Even still, today there remain colors that I only watch and admire from afar, like yellow and neon any color. Deep purple. Pearl. Ecru.
Now I am just naming obscure wallpaper colors.
But during a recent thrifting stalk, I mean trip, I found a sweater in yellow that had my kind of neckline. I couldn't leave this sort of neckline all alone in the thriftstore! Even if it IS yellow.
I will now make it my duty to find multiple ways to wear it, whether I look good in the color or not, whether the sweater makes my arms look like muscle-y sausages or no!

So here is the first tentative attempt at yellow:
Apologies for my gut hanging out here.
My posing is always so painful (in case you couldn't tell) and self-conscious, so I thought I'd smile.
I need to start wearing make-up for these shoots. Perhaps I would be less horrifying.
Isn't this jacket adorables?! Its a bit snug for my massive footballers shoulders, but I love it so! I am forever on the cusp of donating this to a lucky lady with teenier body type, but-HELLO! BROWN ADORABLE BLAZER IS TEH FUNCTIONAL! Worth its weight in gold.
The pockets slay me with their cuteness! I think this jacket was the beginning of my obsession, er, collection of blazers that I never wear...maybe obsession is the better word here. Sigh.
So...not great shots of the sweater itself but I plan to show more outfits with it, hopefully with better pix.
sweater: thrited
blazer: forever21
necklace: forever21
pants: gap
shoes: thrifted
I think it'd be really interesting to make a photo collage to see how people have changed their dressing style since they were wee...I know I want to do it for me! Except there were many years where I was camera shy...even now I kinda still am, but for my love of having others see the lovely clothings!

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