Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Endeavor: Tights with Knee Socks

Hello World,
Today I tried something that I never would've thought to do on my own, though I do own all the ingredients.

I wore tights with knee socks, along with flat boots. It is logical; tights and knee socks by themselves are too thin in the winter.

I saw girls wearing it, thought it charming, but felt I couldn't 'pull it off'. Behold my visual victory of this endeavor:
I worried my knee socks were too tall, or too short to be seen because my boots are too tall, or the hem of my skirt was too long for any of this to work. But it is silly to worry with layers; you can always remove one if you feel awkward.

Silly me! I felt unspeakably adorable. A nice suprise was that my knees felt a little breeze, refreshing after weeks of wearing two pairs of pants and knee socks, but most of me was toasty and super-comfy.
I love the mixture of these textures: thick knits with the fine corduroy, the fuzzy sweater, a graphic print with the shiniest of metal necklaces, and scuffed up shoes(its own kind of unique character).
Sweater: thrifted
top: thrifted
necklace: forever21
cord skirt: thrifted
tights: freepeople
knee socks: target
hat: urban outfitters
boots: urban outfitters (saaale!)

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