Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello World!
I do not tolerate the cold very well, but I do love dressing up to stay warm!

This winter, I am obsessed with the idea of OVER-SIZED HOODS, ARMWARMERS, and NECKWARMERS-pretty much any winter item designed to keep the warmth in!
I have noticed that a lot of women's coats are actually not very warm-at least not warm enough to withstand the arctic winds of Manhattan.

I was really happy this past fall to find this coat from Urban Outfitters,
but its definitely not a winter coat. I do love the over-sized hood...I pretend that I am a jedi when I wear it.
I also had my heart set on another coat with an over-sized hood from U.O....I just adore how deep the hood is, and even when its not on your head, it drapes beautifully around the shoulders!

You can see what it looks like when the coat is unbuttoned, below.
Another hearted item: don't you just ADORE AND WORSHIP this NECKWARMER from H&M?

Look at the different ways you can wear it! What would you call this garment?
A scarf?
A neckwarmer?

Neckwarmer/Scarf: H&M
grey t-shirt: H&M
sweater: thrifted
black jeans: Purchase Find*
legwarmers: target?
shoes: forever21
coat (in previous image): Urban Outfitters

* A Purchase Find is what I call the items that I have taken from my old college at Purchase, NY at semester's end and everyone would be throwing away clothing that they didn't want to pack. I have many a good Purchase Finds.

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