Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dedication, Obsession

i don't remember if i mentioned how i was obsessed with this vest i saw in the Banana Republic window displays on my way to work for MONTHS and they DIDN'T even HAVE the vest in the store and it was TORTURE and i had even found a less pricey, forever21 version?

Well, i got it and let me be honest. I do like the vest; i like the black/grey combination, the floaty light fabric and the pockets. In terms of length and style it is very similar to what i wanted. However, i had this little problem with the stripes.
Look up at this picture, do you see how the stripes match up on one side of the vest but not the other?
And i realize its silly, to be bothered by stripes like this (go check out a striped shirt that you own and see if the stripes match up at the seams. Do they? A lot of the time, the stripes do NOT match up, argh!)
...but i can't help it. I think we all have our own pet peeves when it comes to the things we wear. I intend to fully explore and document every little quirk i have, i know that.
One day after work i decided to randomly check out a banana republic sale going on at a store around 86 street...and they totally had THE VEST. I grabbed it to my chest protectively, noting it was the only one left. Even on sale, it was sooo pricey for me.
I think Banana Republic is my Oops Store. Every once in a while, I will buy something there; way too expensive and later i will think oops. Why did i do that. I should return this. Then i don't.
And i have to tell you, i used to be the girl who debated over buying a top that cost $20. Shoes more than that, no buying that.
I think NYC can change that about a person because the average price of a shoe is $60. $20 for a blouse is a great deal here.
Oh, the girl i once was...its always a debate, you know?
The less expensive version, or the perfect one that you will wear everyday to get that money's worth? The answer is not always as obvious as it should be. And sometimes the cheaper version falls apart or the stripes don't match up, and sometimes the cheaper version is way better and allows you to buy even more!
I think with this vest, the desire built up for so long that when i finally held it in my hands i was too determined to let it go, ever.
Is it everything i dreamed of? Heck yes. But at the same time, waaaaay too expensive for me. Oops. Bad Kay.
Do you dig seeing the white bra through the black top? I am bringing that look back.

headwrap: handmade by Dean!
top: forever21
vest: banana republic
jeans: daffy's
shoes: daffy's

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