Monday, April 19, 2010

Shoe Design Contest

So, I love to draw.
I love to draw anything, but its really fun to draw what is only in my mind's eye, such as fabulous shoes!

Its a real challenge too...sometimes I draw something and I think its awesome: a shoe with tweed straps and an escher-inspired print, but is it really?
What if you actually made the shoe and it was really fugly? That is what I fear, not being able to know.
This is a nice set-up to talking about the Vince Camuto Shoe Design Contest.
I totally entered during the last few days (procrastinatooooor) and still have yet to see my designs up on the voting site.
Rejection. Even if they DO appear on the site, they will be about 300 or a million votes behind.
No hope.
But thats okay! I still plan on taking a shoe-making class someday SOON!

I really enjoy looking at all the designs that other people made-so much talent out there!
Take a gander at my fugly shoe designs! This will teach me to do things so late, I think my drawings would be better if I wasn't so rushed...
So this is the horrific herringbone tweed/escher print shoe. It has a wooden clog platform thing going on with some clog studs along the ankle strap.
And this is like some crazy menswear-esque sky high heel. It has cut outs and a peep-toe with a high ankle collar type thing and of course, has some oxford detailing all over.
Check out the contest website if you'd like to see the shoe designs that people have entered so far!

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