Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fort

As promised, here are pictures of the new apartment!
Of course by now, the pictures are a little dated-we now have a big carpet and a giant tin-stamped trunk in the dining room, along with little tiny details, like a bud vase filled with peacock feathers.
Thats a painting done by my talented friend and new neighbor!!

We wanted there to be a partition between the office and the dining room, so we put up these nifty shelves!
This is another painting that my friend did! Its just a loan, but isn't it beautiful? Its going to be in a restaurant in upstate NY!

This is a terrarium in the living room! It now has a tiny fern in it!

Totoro holds my headbands for me.

These are a couple of mobiles that are up over the bed. My friend made the origami one and I made the other one-its made up of resin-coated maple seeds, one of my favorite things.

This is a gladiolus that I grew from bulbs that my mom gave me! Gladiolus are great things to grow and keep in your house!
The great part about moving into a new apartment with little to no furniture is that you get to find stuff and hunt around for things! More than a few chairs, a dresser, a bed side table, a heavy lamp-were found on the curb in our own neighborhood!

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