Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plaid and Pearls

So apparently I have a thing for plaid. Its one of the safest of the prints, really. Even if its not exactly a print. Plus I love how plaid can be dressed down-with jeans, shorts...or it can be dressed up a bit, like here, with a skirt and pearly accessories.

Yet again it is sticky and hot and gross. Summer is pretty much the most awful time to be in NY.
The only thing keeping me going is the thought that in another week or two I will have some time off and will go on a trip! With my sweety! We can't decide whether to go to Vermont or go to Ithaca, NY...If you live in New York State and haven't been to Ithaca...its a beautiful place to visit. Its...gorge-eous...hehehe! Its a joke cuz it is a town known for its waterfalls and gorges...

Don't you love my pseudo posing? "Utilize the cardboard, me! Don't think of the boxes as being in the way, think of them as...being there for you to pose on!"

I made this ring....I love oxford detailing so I put it in a ring....and so it matches my oxfords!

Is all the bling...too moshe? Too bad! Looove it.

My short hair is growing out and its at the point now where it drives me crazy. I love short hair but its more maintenance, more salon visits. But long hair...also maintenance.
Can't I just have short hair and an assortment of wigs?
I have always wanted wigs to be more of a thing to go with outfits, like another acccessory.
That way, I can keep my hair short. But if I want to have long flowing red hair the next day, I can.
mmm Im actually a bit obsessed with wigs...I have to re-stock my wig collection.

Outfit details:
headband: anthropologie
earrings: modcloth
necklace: f21
top: h&m
skirt: american apparel (first thing i had bought from there!)
shoes: don't remember. kohls?

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