Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shower Girl

I never realized it until now but...

Buuut this sweater makes me look like a monarch caterpillar!

Its uncanny, right?
At least my shoes are fabulous.

I got one of these bracelets for my sister, too. They're supposed to protect you from evil, because the design kinda looks like an eye. My mom found this ring for me at a garage sale.

I was really proud to thrift this skirt. Its very good quality and its from J.Crew! I always wanted to be able to get things from there, the designs are always so classy. I snatched this up right away, even though it has some wear on it. I love the color, and the bow!

Maybe I ruin it all by wearing a knit cap buuut its cold! I wear hats inside, until its summer!

Now that I've thought of the caterpillar thing, I keep seeing it.

So my friend is having a baby soon! I said that I would do the baby shower, even though I have never been to one and have no idea what it all entails. The books and websites on baby showers are disappointing, but I really love checking out this website, to get inspired!

My favorite part so far has been gathering things to make centerpieces like this, and to come up with a menu!

The theme that I've come up with is Bean-themed, which sounds dumb, but my friend and her husband call their baby Bean so I thought I could make it the theme of the baby shower. So, obviously there will be many jelly beans at this thing. I even...made coasters using beans....

What do you think? Are these coasters too silly looking to use?
I thought maybe I could sell them on etsy after the shower, and use the money to start a college fund for the baby Bean.
What do you all think?? Would you buy these off etsy, if it was to help a baby have some money?


  1. Those bean coasters are soooo creative! Never seen anything like it before. :) Love the caterpillar too!

  2. Haha! Now that you say it, yes. You do look like a caterpillar. But a very cute one. And those coasters are super cute! I think people would buy them.

  3. I love this outfit so much! The print mix is right on and the color of the hat just tops it off. You are a cool caterpillar.

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  5. love this caterpillar cardi. it's stripes look so good with the cat print on that blouse...
    lovely blog!

  6. CUTE! and i love the shoes!

  7. Haha, I love the caterpillar comparison, I think it's really cute! And I love the coasters, what a great idea!