Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SwallowTail Girl

FIT has this system where you can see all the materials that you've sent in...I went "Yeeeeee!" when I saw that FIT had not only received my portfolio, but already has reviewed it!!
I should not stake all my hopes on getting accepted...but I think I have, more than I meant to.

The weather has been crappy, by which I mean cold and wet. I don't mind so much snow! Its just...the cold. My friend's mother-in-law moved in downstairs this past weekend, and we had a huge moving party, where we moved her in and made about 6 different kinds of pizzas. We talked for hours, eating and unwrapping dishes until the late hours.
Our new neighbor is named Nicora, and she is the coolest, most beautiful woman ever. She is an artist who makes just gorgeous pastel pictures and paintings. All her furniture is antique and amazing. She has this desk that is from the Civil War.

I really love boiled wool sweaters. They're thin, but very warm. This one in particular I love because it has a swallowtail pleat sort of back.
I don't know if its kosher to wear wide leg pants with it, but I did it anyway.

I love the little frilled plaid hem on the bottom.

I also adore the rows of buttons on the trousers along with the buttons on the sweater.

I have really been digging the f21 shoes designs of late. They allow you to try a certain kind of shoe, like this desert shoe, without having to spend a bunch. I feel worried that the Manhattan streets eat the shoes up very quickly, but its all good.

I need to paint my nails soon.

Adore plaid with stripes!! <3 I pinned this navy brooch onto the sweater. Moss green and navy make for a great combo, as it turns out.

I just love the lines of this sweater/blazer. Its so unique.

My friend Ren sent me this great stuff! These are the perfect gifts that really exude her personality.

An edible moustache disguise? Count me in!

It just makes my day when I get something from friends! It could be a little tiny thing but its makes me happy for weeks! Its just like when I get comments here on this blog...such a small thing, but the thought behind it is appreciate so much!


  1. Hello there, thank you for stopping by my jewellery blog and leaving me a lovely comment!
    Nice blog you have here, i've seen some of the items you made, so talented!! The brooch you wore in the picture above is very cute, did you make that too? Take care! xXxx

  2. Oh dear, I may need to abscond with your shoes, your blazer, your trousers, and your edible mustachio (assuming that the latter has been eatalized yet).

    Lovely little blog you have here, dear Lady, and I know what you mean when you say getting comments and followers makes you happy for days on end. I feel the same way. :)


  3. love your wide legged pants! and you're right about the F21 shoes...they are great for trying new trends without the monetary commitment...but they never have shoes my size!!!


  4. Wow, good luck with your app CW! And yeah the blazer is INCREDIBLY unique and so are the shoes for that matter. Super fun :)