Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Dress Warm (Skirt Version)

Hello! I wanted to make a tutorial on how to dress super warm during the cold months. I love snow and being all snug and warm indoors while a snowstorm rages outside. I even love driving in the snow.
The weather in Manhattan is extreme-arctic winters and scalding summers. I always feel cold, so trying new ways to stay warm in the cold are important to me. And if you learn something new to do, then thats even better!

And winter is my favorite time to take photographs. The subtle changes in the color of snow, the glitter of diamonds when the sun hits the delicate and beautiful!

I am really addicted to boiled wool sweaters. I find them mostly at Anthropologie-they are warm, but thin. With boiled wool, you can be warm but not feel as though you are a walking bundle of layers who must waddle instead of walk.

You know how you sometimes button up a sweater wrong? With this sweater, you can button it pretty much anyway you want, and you look avant garde instead of a person who cannot button up four buttons correctly.

P.S. I am totally one of those people who has to check very carefully when buttons are involved; I will do it wrong half the time, every time.

I found this jacket at Goodwill, and I don't know if it is meant to be a winter jacket but I wear it anyway.
This was my first time doubling up on tights, I really thought that if you wore two pairs of tights, it would be very uncomfortable, but not so! I also layered knee high socks with the tights, as well. I think you could wear tall boots if you didn't want to have crazy looking legs like I do here.Its most important keep the legs warm if you are wearing a skirt in the winter; it is a good idea to double up on the tights, or wear a pair of tights with knee high/thigh high socks. It is fine to wear tights that are different weights too, and remember that thicker is not always better. Plus, wearing two thick tights might not be as comfortable. If you do not own sweater tights, I recommend them, they feel very nice on the legs and are super stretchy! H&M has a pretty good range of different types of tights-if you don't know much about tights, go and check it out!

Oh, right! This is supposed to be teaching something here. I tried to take pictures showing the layering process, but they didn't turn out so well. Foggy lens, I think. I love this necklace. But if you love it more, you can find it on my etsy shop. The whistle really makes it one of a kind.For your top half, layers layers layers!
And make most of those layers THIN. You will think that thicker layers will keep you warmer, but they will actually make you sweaty and uncomfortable. You need some sort of ventilation.

Start with a camisole, silk is fantastically warm. Or a tank top. If you like, you can wear a blouse or top over that. A thin sweater or cardigan over that is optional. Or, you can complete the outfit with something thicker, like a thicker sweater or blazer. Its really up to you! Experiment! In this outfit, I did a cami, a thin sweater, and then the boiled wool sweater. It was plenty warm!

Its a good idea to make sure your boots or shoes have some kind of insulation sole so there's not just a thin rubber sole between your stockinged feet and ice. Think about it, when you get cold, the first place you feel it are your head, feet and hands!

Next I would like to do a tutorial on dressing warm when wearing pants. Possibly jeans, because even though denim is thicker, its definitely not the warmest fabric in the winter.


  1. great post, i love doubling up on really warms you up and it looks great

  2. Great job layering! I love the brown and mustard color combo.