Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gray Stripes Are Forever

Every person has their quirks...one of mine about clothing is that I am afraid of prints...no, not afraid. Just very...particular.
It can't be too abstract a print, it has to have the right color pallette, it has to be printed on the right kind of fabric...it can't be a huge print, but not microscopic.
But stripes....stripes are much easier! A smaller to medium stripe, with the colored stripe on white or cream is always classy. Dressed up or down. Black and white is too graphic, navy and black is too muddy. Therefore, I own many a striped...garment.

I don't remember what I was listening to while taking these pictures...I want to say it was a Killers' song...I think I was listening to Muse Radio on pandora.com....I was really into it...
Still look scary, though, so apologies.
Just focus on the clothes, please and not the scary girl in them.

I think I have a problem...I own too many stripes...even the shoes have little leather strips/stripes.... *forlorn*

I drooled over this sweater and then, lo, I was way downtown, found a hidden Anthropologie with an epic clearance section (oh you, recession, oh you)-I beheld this!

top: H&M
pants: gap
tie/belt: target
shoes: target
sweater: anthropologie

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