Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hair Makeover!

Since moving to Manhattan (not that I live right IN manhattan), I haven't had a haircut. I wouldn't even get massages or facials had I not actually been employed at a spa, haha.

I have yet to get a mani/pedi.
I plan to remedy that soon.

So my hair is stupid long, in that its long enough to do stuff with...but I don't, so its stupid. When I really feel ambitious, I put it in a crooked, lopsided braid. Mostly ponytails. A 'bun'.
But the hair drives me crazy. Shampooing. Conditioning. Taking forever to dry. Lovely blowdryers that give me sunburn, it feels like.
So I turned to my friendly free section of craigslist, got a free haircut, with my love wailing and gnashing his teeth.
"It could be a crazy person trying to cut your hair with chopsticks in their living room salon!" he said, or something like that.
Psh, if he can have his hair be two inches long and not grow it long for ME, why should I have to keep my hair long for HIM?
Anyways, I always feel like a short hair kind of gal, even when my hair is not akshually.


The fiend of craigslist is actually a lovely woman working her way up the hair ladder at the Paul lebrecque (hope I spelled that right) salon, who took her careful and diligent time-over an hour-to make this baby. Hair.
I have since then mangled the style, but it looked way better than it does in this pic.
The salon, btw, on the upper east side of Manhattan, is pretty gorgeous, they have a sort of boutique and nail salon and drinks all up in there. It was pretty fancy and decadent, I never could be able to afford that. So it was nice to take a chance and be pleasantly surprised.
I haven't had my hair done in a salon in ages....I forgot how heavenly it feels to have someone shampoo your hair...
and the crazy thing is that the lady lives maybe a mile from where I live!
I had my best friend come with me for moral support and to take pix, but it just never happened. I guess it would seem silly to impose that way.
I do intend to take pix for my first manicure/pedicure, though!

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