Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its a Mad Mad World

Another lame title, but things are quite mad here. And busy as all get out.
We have returned from San Fran (working on getting the pix to share) but am now working on going down to Washington D.C. for the cherry blossom festival and meeting up with my dad and stepmom there.
I honestly do not travel around so much but now that I am, it makes me feel all chic and sophisticated, putting together my little suitcases and toiletries into bitty cases. Or ziploc bags.

I am also working towards a position where I get to work on the window displays for a thrift store, but since its New York City, anything you have an interest in trying to do, there are roughly 10,000 people that are also there and have way more experience doing it than you.

But I think it would be a really fun thing to do! And challenging! And not just challenging in the way that working in a thrift store will be an exercise in self-restraint and buying shiny things!
I know that shopping in stores for clothes is fun and its nice to get brand new things that no one else has worn before, but I really like the idea of getting something at a thrift store that someone else can no longer afford to keep and had to donate, but I can keep it and love it.
Its no longer just sitting in someone's closet, unloved and unused, taking up valuable space where loved clothing can be stored. Its like the perfect thing ever. Plus, I love the thrill of the hunt and never knowing what awesome things you can find!
Its perfect shorts with tights weather here in NYC. I am pacing restlessly between the pants and dresses, the sandals and closed toe shoes, champing at the bit. I WANT TO STOP NEEDING SWEATERS AND FABRIC ON MY FEET AND LEGS TO STAY WARM.
The story for this top is that I had this shirt from forever21 when I was obsessed with lace paneling on tops. But being me, I got a stain on one that just wouldn't go away. I finally cut the lace off to keep so that I could maybe sew it on to something else. But fondling the lovely jersey soft fabric, I didnt want to relinquish the shirt either. I decided to safety pin the front of the now free-dangling puff sleeves to the now lace-less front of the top, pulling up enough fabric to hide the tiny-everlasting stain and to make the front of the shirt higher than the back, which I think is cute.
I like the fact that you can see the safety pins and that there is a little gap between the sleeves and armpit, it feels somehow edgy to me.
I am afraid that this is, sadly, as edgy as I will ever come to get. Safety pins holding up my shirt sleeves.

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