Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cool Days Here at Last?

Over the weekend my Sweety and I went to the Ikea store in Brooklyn!
I had never been, and we rented a van and devoted our whole day to it!
We spent hours sitting on every couch, debating over every table...
I felt bad for him, because I am so visual and therefore was very distracted the whole time. He would be talking or measuring something, I would suddenly dart of to go to look at something or touch something every five seconds-but he was very patient with me.

We took a break midday to eat in their restaurant/cafe thing, and nibbled on swedish meatballs and drink from elderflower juice boxes (i giggled, "I am a fairy in a magical Furniture Land who drinks a flower drink!").
We sat near the window, where we could see the Statue of Liberty.
I regret not taking my camera, because there were soooo many photo ops!! But it was more important to spend time together, deciding how we wanted to furnish our nest.
Though I have been calling it the Fort.

I actually really enjoyed the layout of Ikea-where they have their one of their couches displayed and in the end you just write down what you want, and go to the warehouse part of the store and pick it up yourself in a box. It looks so much cleaner when its done that way. Most stores, all the merchandise is laid out and I bet stores lose a lot of money when much of it gets broken by people dropping stuff or something. What if clothing stores where designed like that?
I just blew my own mind with that idea.

Sorry about my sweaty non make-uped faaaaaaaace!
Its too hot to wear much of anything, especially on the sweatiest part of me. But I just love the little frilly necklace reined in by the stripes of this vest.

So...I know the whole belt over your sweater or vest! thing is overdone and everyone has done it...but I have always been like....I have hips, I can't WEAR that.
But when it comes to this uber frilly dress (I feel like it can't be worn alone) its a bit out of my comfort zone and I needed to do something to make it feel wearable with little to no layering in t his horrific heat.
Plus...me and my new print kick...stripes AND crazy florals! Why not?
...and doesn't this H&M dress remind you of an Alexander McQueen print?

dress: H&M
vest: bananarepublic
shoes: thrifted
belt: anthropologie

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