Friday, July 23, 2010

"Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé."

Has anyone ever read Le Petit Prince? No? Its my favorite book. Its in french, but I am sure that there are english translations. I even own the 70s film with Gene Wilder and the songs. Umm I am not being random but when I saw this top on ModCloth, I had to get it. This was actually my first purchase on Modcloth, though I stalk the site religiously. I should do a review or something soon, I think. So if you're on the fence about buying clothing from the internets, you will know what to expect from this company.

Again with the mixed prints! I'm on fire with inspiration and creativity! Brown herringbone shorts and a graphic black and white top-YES

My best friend Patricia (and new neighbor) got me these earrings for my birthday-don't they ROCK?
Patricia, I wish YOU would have a fashion blog! She inspires me everyday.

Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.

The fox from Le Petit Prince is my favorite character. I really identify with him. This quote translates to, roughly (my french is deteriorated badly at this point): You are responsible for what you tame, always.
I always thought that meant literally but also in the way of love. When you meet someone, you change them, and if you leave them, they are broken and you are responsible, you have done that. If you are going to leave or hurt someone...if you must, do it in a way that leaves them self-sufficient. Do it in a way that makes them stronger and better off for having met you.
Thats what I think.
That last image is an illustration from the book. Such a neat style! If you haven't read the book, I encourage you to! Its one of those books that kids love but adults can get a greater meaning from...

Outfit deets:
top: modcloth
shorts: daffy's
earrings: gift
shoes: thrifted

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  1. I LOVE your mixed prints! Great combo! And all of your little details really polish it all off! those earrings and SHOES are incredible! So happy that you have started your own blog! It can really be the beginning of a really cool journey. Congratulations!