Friday, July 30, 2010

Independence Day

So its nearly the end of July and I finally got to see some of the pictures from the Fourth of July!
I know its overdue, but they're so awesome that its worth the wait!
I wish my camera were this great....

Thats my friend and new neighbor Patricia on the left, who always looks AMAZING

That's me and my sweetie

(I decided to wear red white and blue)

It was such a good party! I am usually the one always taking the pictures, but I just wanted to chill out on the roof in Brooklyn, where the temperature was perfect all day and night.
We ate pasta salads, deviled eggs, a trifle, chips and dip, beer...we even played a game.
Which was appropriately called, 'the Game'. Kindof like charades. In the first round, you try to get your team to guess a phrase or something by saying three words. In the next round, you can only give hints using two words and so on til you can use no words, and must act it out.

The next day, we went to Jones Beach!
I would like to see the pictures for that as well...

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