Friday, July 23, 2010

You're Going to be Fine, Babydoll

Wow, I can't believe I have been away this long...Really?
Really, me? I guess I blog in my head, and I do it daily.
Hopefully they are working on the technology where you can do that, and upload it to blogger.
Anyway! It has been hot as hades here in NYC, and over a couple of whirlwind weeks, we are moved in (technically we moved in about two days) to our new apartment!
But between work, my side work, and getting ready for school in the fall I have had about zero time for the things I love best to do-even got behind in following my favorite blogs-madness!

Its so hot in nyc that one doesn't even care how one looks! Its just like, 'how about no clothes? And how bout I eat four freezepops for breakfast and how about I don't move until it gets cooler?'

I looooove to mix prints but it has been hard-up until this summer I really shied away from any kind of print except stripes. And those aren't really a print, right?
My favorite layouts in fashion magazines are the ones with titles like "How to Maximize Your Sass-O-Meter with Mixed Prints!" and they find the most gorgeous prints and throw it all on models and it looks great-even though being five feet, I would look like an idiot if I tried that.

But the main thing to take away from the idea of mixing together florals and paisleys and plaids is that if the colors share some hue between them, it could work.
They don't have to be matchy matchy, like the red polka dots match with the red rose print , but what they say is, if its in the same color family, its ok to mix it.
And what they mean by color family is a bunch of colors that looks well together and don't clash.

But I would also venture that you could wear some kind of print that has colors that are all neutrals...blacks and browns and navy...and if you wore a neon bright print top with it, it sort of negates the fact that both items are prints. It would be the same as wearing a neutral bottom with a bright top; always looks good.

But then again, the great point debate about fashion is: wear what looks good, or wear what you love?
If you love crazy prints that look awful but you love it...who cares, right?

Oh man, if you ever wonder why in movies chicks from Manhattan have ten million pairs of shoes, its because living here, the sidewalks eat your heels.
These used to be my favorite pair but look at the heel! I want to learn how to fix that...I plan on devoting a blog post to DIY how to fix your shoes when this happens.
P.S. A nerdy post script...I have had these bermuda shorts thingies for forever and JUST NOW noticed that the belt loops are can wear the belt at three different levels on your waist, because its basically three belt crazy! squeee!! Thats why I love clothes...

top: thrifted
shoes: Steve Madden (15 bucks!)
shorts: target
necklace: banana republic (20 bucks whoo)

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