Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard Girl

I don't know what the weather is like near you, but! It has snowed like crazy in NYC! More snow than I've ever seen! It snowed all day and night...I was super happy, even though I had to go out in the blizzard to check on my friend's cats and to go to work.
Since it started snowing on sunday, no one wanted to shovel and also our neighborhood is small, so the streets were crazy! There were abandoned cars, and the only way for me to get anywhere I had to walk in the tire tracks in the street. For all the mayhem, I felt pretty gleeful.

While I still haven't done my Christmas shopping, haha, I did head out to Rockefeller and strolled up and down Fifth Avenue, looking at all the Window Displays, and saw the tree. It was Christmas Eve and super crowded, but I loved it.

I did, however, manage to work on a new necklace (its awesome) and made some earrings as gifts, so maybe...I'm not completely hopeless.

I am sorry to make you wait for pictures-I have been super stressed out with work and finishing up the FIT application...still working on it, am I? Yes...hehehe. I think I am worried and afraid of sending it in, afraid its not good enough...

Anyway, getting back to this outfit!
I decided to try something new and unexpected. Sometimes I see girls who wear camisoles and slips as dresses, and always look so chic and waifish. I wondered, can I pull off wearing lingerie as everyday?
Its always fun to wear sexy stuff under a big sweater but I wondered, could I be comfortable with pushing it further? I don't want to wear a corset or something and look all goth.
I have this sort of corset-y thing and I never wear it cuz guys don't care about that sort of thing so I decided to wear that.

I threw a big waffle knit sweater over it and wore it with herringbone shorts and tights. I thought it turned out pretty well, actually. I don't know about the fire engine red, this sort of thing may work out better when its boring black. It was a fun experiment.

I was concerned about my bosom poking out and getting cold, so I put a giant circle scarf over it.

Its hard to tell in these pix, but I tried a smoky eye. A plummy smoky eye. I even used the mascara to fill in my eyebrows! It was pretty striking. Its tough sometimes to do make up when your coloring is very light colored. I've always envied dark haired, brown eyed ladies that can wear black mascara. If I wear it, it looks too...its just too much. My friend Ren had super light hair. Like white blond, even her eyelashes. She complains about that too. Maybe its silly to think about it so much.
The great thing about this scarf is all the ways you can style it. As a scarf, as a hood, almost a cape.
This corset-y thing caught my eye because it has velvet filigree. I liked pairing it with the waffle textures, and the herringbones and feathery headband. I love all the textures in clothing.

I'm a little afraid to go out and take outdoor outfit pictures now, with all the snow and cold. The place where I usually go, its definitely covered in a foot of snow! I bet it looks really amazing.

I will try to blog again tomorrow with pictures of all the Holiday goodness!
It is worth waiting for!

outfit details:
shoes: kohls
tights: dont remember
shorts: f21
top: h&m
sweater: ae
scarf: h&m


  1. this is a very daring outfit but you pull it off!

  2. i love your outfit! and thanks for the comment sweetie!
    come follow :)