Thursday, December 30, 2010

Slithery Girl

So many pictures to share, so little time!
Here are a few shots of our chocolate fondue was such a popular activity.
My sweety got a big brick of chocolate somewhere in Manhattan and hacked at it until it could be melted.

I gathered ladyfingers, oranges, apples, bananas, cherries, graham crackers, walnuts and marshmallows for us to dip in it.
I kept refilling the serving dishes and people kept eating it all up. We had about 12 people crammed around the table.

Then we all played Apples to Apples.

Since I have so many pictures to share, I am seriously backlogged in the outfit department, which is why you don't see any snow in this picture, and may not see snow in them for a while!

I haven't even been down to this park yet to see what it is like all covered in snow, whether the Sound is all ice....

This outfit is yet again one of the times where I decide to wear all my favorite things at once:

fur and blazer and vest and top and skirt and tights and socks and boots! If you dislike the slithery, reptilian fellows that come out and sleep on the warm stones then beware the photos coming after this one below!!


He startled me and I hadn't seen him and I could feel him flicking his tongue out at me in distaste for disturbing his nap to take my silly photographs.

I am seriously considering getting a new camera.
The one I use is actually my sweety's...he went to college for photography, funnily enough.
Then why doesn't he take these photos???
Waaaaaaah I'm too embarrassed!!
I take them using a takes all my courage.
Okay Okay I am definitely going to work on my FIT portfolio application now for REALS.

outfit details:
hat: uo
top: target
vest: thrifted
jacket: anthro
fur: h&m
skirt: gap
tights/socks: dun remember!
boots: uo


  1. oh my gosh, fun! i love fondue in all forms--cheese and chocolate are pretty much my two major weaknesses.

  2. Fondue is so delicious... and I love that plaid skirt!