Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SAD Girl

Sorry for the poor bloggin' lately. I have been working on the portfolio to send in to FIT...its amazing how much time it takes. I'm about...80% done, I'm guessing.

My dad has SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. He moved down to Florida years ago because he really couldn't take the cold. He is miserable and sickish when the weather cools. I am beginning to think that I've had it too.
Its true that as the weather gets cooler, I feel so cold that I find it harder to function and I'm gloomier. I guess I just never thought that I might have it too. My sweety said he was reading an article in the New York Times that said that a good majority of people suffer from SAD to a certain extent.

Wikipedia says, "Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression or winter blues, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year, experience depressivesymptoms in the winter or, less frequently, in the summer,[1] spring or autumn, repeatedly, year after year. The US National Library of Medicine notes that "some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up."

I feel really bad. I have really dropped the ball this year. I haven't sent out any Christmas cards, I haven't done any Christmas shopping. I think with work and school, and not having done any of my pre-Christmas traditions (visiting Rockefeller Center, scoping out the Bergdorf Goodman), I think my brain hasn't registered that it is the Holidays yet. I am planning to do these things before the end of the week, though!

I have been trying my best to keep active and stay social; my usual tendency is to stay in, stay bundled up and nap and nap. The SAD thing would explain why I have been napping so much.

So far we have hosted a chocolate fondue party, attended my Sweety's work Christmas party in this insane Brownstone and....what else. Hang outs with friends occasionally. I'm not into it as much, but my friends are really into watching Syracuse University games, and even attended an SU sports bar in the city. Most of them are from Syracuse.

This outfit is kinda...crazy, right. Striped top, striped pants, polka dot scarf. I really dig the hot pink lipstick, though. Makes you feel happy wearing it.

I thought at the time that it would look cool to pair a jacket with rows of buttons with pants that had rows of buttons. Now I'm not so sure, but thats what fun about style-trying new things out and finding out what you like!

Another crazy thing is that etsy sales are hopping! I'm almost thinking I should make things during the year and sell them only during December! Its makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that somewhere out there, something I've made is having adventures.

I wish it would snow more. As I dislike the cold, I adore the snow. Its so serene and peaceful, the way it twirls down. It has snowed a couple of times! I here from my mom in upstate NY that there's soooo much snow. I love everything about snow.

Check out these unicorn earrings! They really make me feel cheerful, how could they not? They're tiny unicorns!

I will try to update more, there are tons of photos to share!

outfit details:
headband: anthro
jacket: free people
scarf: modcloth
tops: thrifted
pants: thrifted

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  1. At least the days will now be getting longer, right? AND you look adorable.

    I'm also fighting the winter blues...don't be fooled by my positivity!