Monday, December 6, 2010

Flurry Bits

While I do have outfit pictures, I noticed that I also just have lots of random photos that I take but haven't shared and don't see when I can fit them in naturally in a post. I have been really busy with work...I have this private client that I work with 5 days a week, and supposedly will be leaving in a week and I'm ready for that. I have also been scrambling to assemble things for my application to FIT...did I tell you I applied?
I'm scared to death but willing to try...
Here is some pot du creme we made....

I love mangoes, so when they are in season, I look up recipes that include mangoes, including this mango mousse.
I think I just took a picture of this because I made some whipped cream and swirled it into a...I think this was a smoothie, possibly a milkshake. With blackberries. Or chocolate bits. I should label my photos better.
This was some tortelini from awhile back that I added some beet juice to-my friend's mother in law was visiting and made a tub of beet juice for some reason and she encouraged me to use it in my meals, so I added it to this to turn the pasta a lovely pink shade. It wasn't....bad. Maybe I should not have included this photo. It was just so different, I had to take a picture!

Here is a treat for you if you are still looking after the gross pink tortelini: I got some gorgeous coasters...

There are these strange, alien-looking seed pods from the trees here. They really fascinate me, I even preserved one in resin. But I thought collecting a bunch to keep in a bowl on the table would make a great centerpiece.

Every once in a while I try to take outfit pix at work:

These shoes make me feel like a pimp. They're comfy, they're grey, they have that brogue-y oxford-y detailing that I love but....I feel like a pimp, thats all.

Pictures taken at work mostly do not work; spas are not known for their bright lighting.

I thrifted this top and I know why they donated it; it has shrunk in the wash! Even I, whose every single top is way too long, is showing some of her fatty apron in this striped top! Avert your eyes!
None of this matches, I know. Its my typical I'm trying to look coordinated and cool but instead I will just throw together everything I love and its too bad if I look strange.

Terrarium update: I added some ferns and more varieties of moss and its doing beautifully!

I gave the moo cow an acorn top for a hat.

I found this kind of wool sock called SmartWool, and they are super comfy! Super thin somehow and I loooove the pattern. I don't normally wear socks that aren't knee highs but i made an exception for these beauts. They are definitely a good investment.

We have this candle sconce that has a giant magnifying glass hanging in front of it-at night, we like to play with the giant piece of glass to reflect images on the wall. Here we used the magnifying glass to reflect back an image of our lit candles. My sweety is better at it than me.

It looks so mysterious...
p.s. It is flurrying tiny little snow flakes in nyc!!


  1. that milkshake/smoothie drink looks yummy. Love your oxfords

  2. Those desserts look amazing! Love the maroon jacket too

  3. So now I'm quite hungry and dissatisfied with my frozen pizza! And I've been looking for some socks like those!

  4. I wish I had pimp shoes. And all that delicious food.

  5. Mangoes are my favorite fruit so I'm totally wishing that I could have one after reading this post! Also, I really like your burgundy jacket and I need those socks in my life :)


  6. Pot du creme? Now I'm hungry (as per usual). Looks like it was fantastic! Loving the red jacket, and that you have a terrarium is probably the coolest thing ever.

  7. mm, pictures of food never fail to make me hungry! i really love your red jacket. oh and i think i have that same set of plates that the tortellini is on! haha.