Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Belated Holiday Goodness

I almost forgot to post some of my favorite Holiday pictures!
As per my favorite Christmas tradition, I went to Fifth Avenue and looked at all the Holiday window displays-Bergdorf Goodman being my all-time favorite.

.....you can see why, right?
I would suggest not doing this on Christmas Eve-it was super crowded, and by the time I wandered down to Rockefeller, it was more crowded than I have ever seen.

The outfits are just gorgeous!

I would willingly give my right arm to be able to work on these window displays. Also some toes.

The Van Cleef & Arpels displays played a little melody that sounded like something from Danny Elfman. It was magical.
The Henri Bendel displays decided to go with a Black Swan theme, and strung up some ballerinas. I was both amused and disturbed.

Anthropologie had the most delightful windows, I was surprised by just how delightful. They really played with scale, from pine cones with tiny houses all cozily lit and giant pines with dining rooms all set up amongst the roots.

And best of all.......Santa on a vespa.
That is it! Next time will be an outfit post, for sure! Promise!


  1. You have a very nice pictures on your blog :)

  2. WOW that is beautiful

    I wish the ones here looked like that!

  3. OMG this are amazing!!!! the process on this displays is amazing love all the textures, colors and shapes.
    Thanks for sharing!!!