Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Hike

Our friend Gareth had a birthday recently and his wife planned a great day for a bunch of us to celebrate it! We started off by visiting a local farm to have breakfast away from the bustling city.
Since it was so close to Halloween, there was a contest for costumes and there was an old man playing the banjo dressed up as Dracula. It was inside a barn but we sat near the potbelly stove.
It was good food and terribly corny fun.

When we were done eating, we all picked out pumpkins-the pregant ladies choosing pumpkins that matched the size of their bellies. After that, we went on a hike at a nearby state park.

We brought a ton of food and spread it out on rocks to eat near the water.

Our friend Erin has this amazing huge camera and he gets the credit for all these photos.

Out of the three, no four ladies there, I was the only one who is not pregnant! It was too cute to see these preggers ladies waddling up the hills. Me included, but waddling is how I get around in general. Here is a shot of me, so you can see my fabulous hiking ensemble.

This state park was amazing because the forest is made up of maybe 80% rhododendrons trees. We will definitely go back in the spring when they are in bloom!

This is me and Ian collecting walking sticks for those who want 'em.

This is maybe my favorite picture, because my Sweety is making the BEST face.
He is soooo charismatic.

We were full of food and skipping stones.

We look sort of epic here, no?

Maybe one of the rare times I am not making a squinty face....

Erin took maybe 200 pictures, many of the guys who have been friends for at least 10 years, so they really know how to ham it up and take great photos. I thought it might be odd to put up photos of people who...you know, don't love fashion as much as me...

This is the birthday guy and his wife, who is my fashion idol, even while pregg-O.

We depart the Rhododendron Forest for the next adventure....


  1. this looks like such a nice day! i want to go tromping in the forest now... and sit by a potbelly stove in a barn! that's pretty much my dream life.

  2. what a fun day and you took such great photos :)

  3. The pictures are absolute gorgeous..Love the pretty fall colors!

  4. that looks like such a hilarious and fun time! I love that the pregnant ladies chose pumpkins based on their stomach size...makes me laugh :)

  5. Your glasses really suit you. Cute.

  6. It looks so pretty there, what a really lovely way to celebrate a birthday!