Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wifi Girl

So I am dangerously behind in my blogging. As Inigo Montoya says, "No, there is too much. Let me sum up. " A quiet Christmas, a quiet New Year. Snow like crazy. I joined a gym. I was going to go to LA to visit some friends, and it fell through...because of me. But I learned a life lesson, and will go later...maybe April!

An important thing to happen, which sounds small, is that we FINALLY got wifi in our apartment...I had been using my sweety's puter. So, whenever I wanted to blog, I would take pictures, upload it to his computer, then thumbdrive it over to my laptop if anything needed to be sized or photoshopped...and then thumbdrived back to his compy in order to put it up on blogspot. I think its why it took me so long to post...hopefully now I will blog more!

This week is supposedly a pseudo vacation for me since I didn't go to LA...though I still have my private client that I see at night...five nights a week. Bleah. I am mostly working on my FIT portfolio-which I should share here. SOON. As soon as I send it in to FIT! Though it would have been interesting to sort of get feedback through my blog first...oh well! Next time!

I wanted you all to congratulate me on not having stopped in to the New Urban Outfitters store right around the corner from me that opened up! But then today...I sorta stopped into Anthro to look at their headbands (I adore theirs)..and there was kind of this huge sale...I ended up buying some things....oh dear. Le sigh.

I think that maybe this tuck-your-scarf-into-your-vest maybe used to be a hit on the fashion internets, but I was only there for the belt-your sweater/cardigan phase, so I felt original in this outfit, even if I actually was not.

I love the proportions of a long sleeved dress with a knee hemline. There is something so great about it.
My friends introduced me to two new games-one is a board game and one is a PS3 game. I've been super tired ever since I started working out and so I was nodding off during the board game and then got super hyper during the PS3 game. But now I really want to buy a PS3 station just to play it. I usually stick to PC games, since I already have a computer.

I really adore this combination of graphic colors and patterns. Its houndstooth and some crazy kind of herringbone, correct?
While this jacket is nice, its somehow the least warm coat in the entire universe. Instead of deflecting wind, I think it sucks the cold air into itself. The wind makes a detour to funnel through the coat and my skin.
And it has a charming pregnant silhouette, none of which deter me from wearing said coat. Until now, I don't wear it now, its banished to the Fall Season from now on.

Outfit details:
shoes: anthro
socks: uo
tights: uo?
scarf: thrifted
coat: free people
hat: uo


  1. Haha, pregnant silhouette :) that's what my mom says about all my tees and coats. She just cannot understand it's the most comfy style ever! :)
    Nice outfit <3
    Love, Andrea
    PS: Check out my new blog if you want :)

  2. i really like how you mixed the patterns in this outfit. congrats on not going into the urban outfitters. :)

  3. I am loving your outfit :) I can't believe you did all of that picture mess for blogging, that's dedication!

  4. Love the greens and all the patterns. Lookin good, lady!

  5. Heyy, thank you for your sweet comment! Hehe, glad you didn't think it was boring :P I'll definitely be checking out that show :) I like the colours you've used in this outfit and the green thigh-high socks with those shoes are fab!xo