Sunday, January 16, 2011

Applied Girl

Well, hello beautiful bloggers! Well today is the last day of my pseudo vacation...and even though I didn't do as much as I had imagined...(I always imagine that on my vacation I will wake up at 7 a.m., do yoga, eat a nutritious breakfast, get projects done, work on my writing, jewelry, sewing, etc.).
Anyway! I'm not beating myself up for my not using the time the way I had thought I would.
Buuuuuuuuut I DID finally send in my portfolio to FIT!
As promised, I will show you guys some things from it.

Be gentle, my friends! Hahaha

These are designs that I wish I could see out there...designs that I would love to wear...

During the making of these, I realized: I am obsessed with herringbone, I love exposed seams and cutouts and I feel that the back of a design is just as important as the front of it and should be just as interesting.

For me, the part of the portfolio that was the most challenging was when I had to make garments from scratch. I mean, I definitely use my sewing machine often ,but its usually to hem pants or to take in the sides of a top!
Its pretty easy to come up with a simple design like this one, above. Its basically a tank top with fabric from the front and back tying together at the waist. Easy, right? But its tough, the measurements, making sure its symmetrical, making sure it fits right at the waist, but flares enough for the hips, and hemming! So simple, but still so tough!
This was my favorite, I just really liked the different, unique collar. Why are collars so boring most of the time?? I think my style point of view is....why just have a boring, plain t-shirt when you could have a small detail in the shirt that makes you feel special? Why do you have to accessorize a shirt when it could be beautiful all on its own? But thats the great thing about fashion and style-everyone does it differently, everyone does what they like best, and no one is wrong!
I really fantasize about making clothing to sell on etsy...and thats my job, my career. Not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?
Making these garments was a great challenge but I learned tons.


  1. I love this!! Good luck :)


  2. They look great! you really have some talent.

    I hope you pursue your goal!

  3. Amazing designs! I love the tank with the asymmetrical tie!

  4. love it, would definitely wear your creations! following you, follow me back? =)

  5. heey I think your blog is great :)
    love it ... follow you :)


  6. wow, such interesting cuts that you have designed! x

  7. Haha, Thank you so much !
    I really like the first design !
    It's beautiful (:

  8. wow, you're so talented! I like all the designs :-) I'm following now, I just can't see you following mine ):

  9. Bravo!! Hope it all goes well for you :)
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    just like your blog, i´m already following you.
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  11. Hi!!!
    you really have talent, I like all the designs!!


  12. Your portfolio looks great! I just got into FIT for fashion design and I know how torturous it is waiting to hear back from them. good luck!!! I love your blog, I'm now following. Who knows maybe I'll see you at FIT?!?!

    xxo Tess S.

  13. You are very talented, these looks great. Hope all goes well for you, and your blog is adorable as well.

    xx elle

    maybe we can follow each other?

  14. These look amazing, you've lots of talent! *.*
    i love your blog, i'm happy to follow you!


  15. Wow, I love your sketches!! You're so talented. Good luck with your FIT application!