Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pretzel Girl

I have uploaded all the files for my FIT portfolio except for one part.
My goal is to upload the final part, and hence the entire portfolio by midnight tonight! Its taking a lot of courage...I think the reason it has taken me so long is that I psyche myself out...

After all, I'm applying to the Fashion Institute, FIT, of f-ing New York City. Thats huge. Its intimidating. What do they want?? What are they looking for? Is it me? Am I good enough?? I've been a coward, too scared to be like, HECK YEAH FIT would be lucky to have me! Which is how I made myself upload everything that I have already....

My sweety thought this outfit was soooo adorable.

The reason I wore it was because we had an eaten a huuuge meal with our friends the night before-salad and shrimp scampi and this kind of italian dish? It was like some kind of sauce-less, cheese-less pizza topped with onions. It was so delicious that I ate way more than I should have.

So it was a sweatshirt and a loose skirt, all the way. I don't normally dig clothing with writing on it, but the bow on the back of the sweatshirt sold me. Too cool for school.

I'm in love with these shoes. Unfortunately, the NYC pavement ate off about 1/8 of an inch of the heel the first day I wore them outside. Le sigh. I still love them!!

I always find it difficult to find a top to wear with this skirt...but then I was like, why match it?
Works for me!
I don't know if its because I haven't been wearing much makeup or because I've been working out, but my skin isn't breaking out so much. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I also made pretzels recently. Its really fun! And they are sooooooooooo goooood. This is a close-up of yeast, isn't it neat-looking??

Pretzel dough ball!

Kneading the dough and forming the pretzels is the toughest part-I highly suggest that you never make pretzels on your own! Enlist a friend's help!

I was really fascinated by the boiling them part, for whatever reason. Eek, our oven is messy, sorry.

They're done!! Beautiful!

Next time, I would like to also make different kinds of pretzel dip! Mustard, cinnamon sugar, etc.

Outfit details:
top: f21
skirt: f21
shoes: f21


  1. You have a lovely blog!
    Thanks for commenting on mine! I will definitely follow, hope you can follow back! :)


  2. Best of luck with your application!! Your outfit is perfect match up of comfort & fashionista :)

  3. Thank you for the comment, on my blog! I will be following you now too.
    Love your shoes by the way!

    Jolie Petite