Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Pictures

Every time I want to do outfit pictures outdoors, the weather is terrible! Its this awful kind of rain today, that turns the streets to ice. Ugh! I know this is woefully behind, but here are some holiday pictures!
Way back to....November. Hehehe!
This is me cooking for Thanksgiving, in my beloved herringbone trousers!

I discovered that having fresh cut flowers is such a nice thing to have in your own home. I'm resolved to try to have them, not just for holidays! I heard tell that in Manhattan there is a flower district, and that the fresh flowers come in at 2 a.m. and THAT is when florists swarm and get the best picks. I think it would be cool one night to hang out at a bar until 2 a.m. and then get the best flowers!

We went to a holiday party at this awesome Brownstone near Union Square. I've never been in one of those houses before-they are very narrow, and beautiful, and have many floors. If you have ever seen "The Devil Wears Prada", a Brownstone is the house that Miranda lives in.

It was a fancy sort of party to me because they had a bartender that served you drinks.
I really loved the kitchen, because it was HUGE. It had two ovens and like six stovetop burners.

I tried my hardest to be outgoing and I found a new friend who is awesome! She likes British shows like I do, so it was really a great party.

For Christmas I catsat. Catsitting. Sat on cats. Whatever you call it!
Whenever some friends go upstate, I watch their two cats, Hopper and Vincent.
They really loved the tree and would sit under it, and Hopper loved to perch on top of a boxed gift.
The day after Christmas, there was the huge snowstorm. I have never seen so much snow in NYC!

This is what the storm did to our windows!

This is what my neighborhood looked like. Our street was not paved...it was crazy to see cars trying to drive down them.

Sorry if this was a boring post, the weather has postponed lovely outfit pictures!
Stay tuned!

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