Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Pickin' It Up

It is quite true that I have lived in New York state for most of my life and have never gone apple picking. I mean, I have tried to climb apple trees and pick off the little tiny crab apples, but not big ole edible, pie making kinds of apples.
Last year was the first year I actually went apple picking, you a farm.
Its was blast. We went again this year:
The place that we go to is this orchard that totally becomes some kind of apple-y amusement park with a cafe and a barn full of wasps and treats and dreams.
...And wooden boards with apples and pumpkins and buses painted on them. We sometimes have a sick kind of humor. Hopefully no children were watching us.

Trish is preggers! And is the most stylish lady evar.

I look impossibly short next to her, it was totally the angle. But a giant I am not. You can hardly tell she is pregnant, and she wondered alot whether people eyeing her thought she had a 'soup belly'. I forget her exact, brilliant words. Perhaps it was beer belly.

Time for the traditional Apple Ball, and then Apple Bowling.

So i was wearing this necklace that has a tiny magnifying lens and in this picture I am studying the apple with it. I had to caption this because I know myself I had no idea what was happening in the photo until someone reminded me.

The arm warmers were made for me by my talented friend Ren who lives out in LA.
Such a great day this was....soooo perfect.
We totally drank enough cider and ate enough warm cider donuts to kill a yak. Or a small kitten.

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