Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catch Up

I totally keep forgetting to share this, but I dyed my hair. I haven't dyed it in a few years-I was curious to see what my natural color was. But now I feel as though it is ashy and mousy. I didn't want a huge change, but something...subtle. Her Mousyness.

Ah yes, by all means eat the box.

I forgot how smelly and messy it is. At first I was like, "This smells kinda good.....aaaaaaaargh!! It burns my eyes, the smell!"

Its kinda nice to see the different dyes they have now. They have this cool thing where you can dye your hair to add tones of coolness or warmth-I would need to find something that combats the red that my hair has and comes out like crazy whenever I dye my hair.

I finally went with something with 'natural' in the name...I didn't want something crazy blond or dark.
Finally the end result...subtle, except in the sunshine. Outside and certain kinds of indoor light its mad obvious that I dyed it. Warmer, blonder, redder.

I made a quiche for the first time! Its not as hard as you would think...it just seems like it cuz you have to make a crust. As you can see, I made one side have extra cheese on top. The rest of it just had mushrooms, cheese, eggs and thyme from our windowbox herbs!

I definitely recommend trying a quiche for dinner because its quick, you can put whatever you want in it-mushrooms, leeks, potatoes, meat, veggies....

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