Friday, October 29, 2010

Sheer Girl

The thing about living in a metropolitan city is how boring it looks...yeah, you've got all kinds of restaurants and boutiques and new stores are being built every second...But check out this grass! Its some kind of crazy yellow red green color! And in some months it will change, it will blue and green and yellow...and its always moving in the wind. Its beautiful.

I am a texture whore. I love to touch things-fabric, wood, stone. Thats probably the second big reason I love fashion (the first is the design, but of course)-the wools, the chiffons, the corduroy....fur. It was only a matter of time before I grew my own tail, anyway.

Such beautiful, beachy colors! Pearl, taupe, white!
This outfit is the anti-thesis of something that I would never have worn years ago. A sheer top? A giant pearly necklace? Form fitting pants? Heels? Not on your life. Its so interesting how your fashion sense evolves.
Totally got these pants and shoes covered in sand and dirt. It was awesome.
And while you would think that it is crazy to wear heels out in the woods its actually very comfortable. It makes you feel really steady to be able to have a little firm platform and heel. And the impact of the soft earth under you...way better than walking on concrete in heels.
Living in NYC, whenever I see grass and rocks I feel my eyes and soul sighing with relief. I'm sorry, I will have to stop going all Walt Whitman on you.

I just finished baking a brioche and let me tell you, its terrible how sticky that stuff can be. Its super annoying. But once I took it out of the loaf pan....the smell of it was so...incredible. I will share pictures of that soon. That loaf has about 2 sticks of butter and 6 eggs, so it had BETTER be delicious.
The thing about this shirt is how elusive it is. Its sheer but it also has this slight shimmer to it which usually makes me go EWWWWW (I hate glittery clothing like it killed my pet or something) but this shirt...its okay. Its like a cloud. Is it warm? Is it thin? Its somehow both.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to a farm to eat some of the farm's food for a birthday breakfast. Then we're going to go hiking and have a wee picnic with snacks and wine. That night...who knows? All I know is, I took the entire day and night off from work to go so either way, its a good day.

Wow the coloring in this bottom picture is off, but I see many bloggers photoshop intentionally do this. It does look kinda neat, huh.

These shoes are such great quality. And they were super cheap. There's a target now in Manhattan, but its quite the walk from the 116 street station that I rarely go. Le sigh.

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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! thanks for your comment last week, it really truly made my day. I made sure to tell everyone in the car with me when i saw the email notification. I'm happy you find my blog entertaining enough to not run away screaming in the opposite direction.
    keep on keepin on.
    p.s. that grass is crazy yellow. and i love that gap long plaid skirt from another post... it's awesome!