Monday, October 25, 2010

Dragonfly Girl

Sorry about the not blogging thing. Things have been sort of chaotic for me. I am working often, and I had to make a tough decision to withdraw from a class.
But by dropping that class, it means dropping out on a dream.
It has to be this way but it is the best thing for me right now. You know that kind of decision.

But by giving up that one dream, I have made a decision to carry on with a different dream that is my passion. Not like the reliable, dependable dream I gave up on, but the Ultimate Dream. Its like giving up law school to become an artist. Very different. One is more steady than the other, but if art is your love....
Its just tough...what if you love something, but no one has told you you're great at it? Its super risky to try to make a living by it....

Besides work, there is still lots of stuff going on. A close friend and another friend are preggers and will have their babies within a week of each other. It really makes you think-well, it makes me think-about families. I've never really thought about having one-I feel like I'm super young and not ready-but now I am thinking about babies and marriage, just in general. What does it all mean?? Etc etc. I think I will plan my friend's baby shower, though. An opportunity to bake and make place cards and invitations and games with a theme, HECK YES.

Thank goodness for my goodwill, I find everything there. I've always wanted those sailor type pants, with the six button closure on the front. I found these pants at Goodwill, and while I don't think the style suits short curvy ladies like me, I can't help but love these and feel stylish in them.
I have been finding really great finds at Charlotte Russe. I remember when the store was kinda ghetto fab and the quality was horrifying. Now I have been finding really great tops like this one here with long sleeves and a kind of cowl neck. I even found some pants there that are the kind that I would design myself.
The necklace here came from CR also. I have just been pleasantly surprised by the company. The quality is still kinda iffy sometimes. But the design is much much much better.

And i just love the amber of the necklace paired with pearls and with a gray color.

I found the ring on the right at CR too. I just love the depth of it because of the gold fleck layers, and i love that the ring is tough plastic and I don't feel like I'm gonna nick it on anything.

can't go wrong with striped pants.

Check out this stylish beeyotch.

I pinned a hair pin to my hat-it helps my hat to stay on my head, always a good thing.

Outfit deets:
shoes: daffy's
pants: thrifted
top: charlotte russe
vest: thrifted
necklace: cr
hat: uo
pin: h&m

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