Thursday, October 28, 2010

Graffiti Girl

There is this park a bit of a walk from my house and...its amazing. Photography wise. Outfit shots are gorgeous out there. I'm from upstate NY where its millions of trees and green. To live in NYC with a postage stamp backyard and cement everywhere, I really need the green. Trees, that is.
My number one complaint is the lack of Nature here...and where there is Nature, there are ALWAYS people. You are never alone. Even in this delightful park, there are tons of people, but its great because nearer the water there are trees with so many criss crossy trails to explore and there usually aren't too many people on the trails.

There is this long, rambling brick wall that surrounds the park administration building, and where the land meets the Sound the brick just crumblies down brick by brick. Its behind the building, so the kids come and graffiti-ize it.

I think by taking pictures I begin to see what really suits my body type. While I love wide leg pants for some reason, they do me no favors-I'm too short and curvy to really pull it off (unless I wear crazy tall shoes).
But these skinnies-and cords, my favorite texture-are a match made in heaven. Not too sure how I feel about the kinda colorless taupe color but they are super comfy!I love them tucked into cuffed sandals. Btw, how AMAZING is it to be able to wear sandals at the end of October? Craziness.
And for me not to be wearing 4 layers is something of a miracle. I love me some layers, but today I walked out the door with no fear. Later, to class I changed and wore the 3 layers plus coat.

I want to be healthier, so I have been trying to drink more water and move around more in general. This park is about a 5 minute walk from home, and frolicking on the trails and along the water trying to find a perfect spot to take pictures for at least an hour HAS to burn some calories, right?
Its convenient to play dress up in your room and find a blank wall and take pictures in it but the walls, the ceiling, the still air just does not help you feel that awesome kind of outdoor energy, happiness. I am definitely cured of my shyness of taking pictures of myself outdoors.

Will I get better at being a model?

Pfft. Most likely never. But the clothes, the outfits! They ripple in the breeze, the yellow leaves are twirling down all around and it was just so much fun today.

I love how simple but cool this outfit is. Plain striped shirt, simple but delicate earrings, cords, badass sandals. Way to go, me!

outfit details:
charlotte russe
amazon, forget the brand

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