Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bride

While I draw or write, I love to have a movie on in the background. I don't want a foreign movie, with subtitles, because I only half watch the film. I don't want a deep, complicated movie that I have to pay much attention to.
On hulu or the watch instantly netflix are there such movies.
On hulu I found such a gem called the Bride. It has STING as dr. frankenstein.

It has Jennifer Beal, or is it Beals? And a very young, very young Cary Elwes. SWOON.

The plot is basically that Dr. Frankenstein has made a bride for his creation, but she's so hot he decides to make her his own. HAWT.

Its not a great movie, the costumes are okay but its sexy in a bad way. It entertained me.

Sting looked so short the whole time, I was like, is Sting tiny or what?? I googled his height, and he is actually nearly six feet tall. As my sweety told me, "Honey....actors are tall." Huh.

1 comment:

  1. This movie was so odd!! haha.
    There are short actors too. It is just that usually the guys choose taller girls. ;)

    I agree with you on the bad sexy in this movie. It's a bit horrible how controlling of a person Sting's character is.