Monday, November 22, 2010

Well Girl

Yay! I'm mostly over my sickness and Thanksgiving is over! It was the best Thanksgiving yet-and it was my and my sweety's first Thanksgiving in our own home together!
Our system was that we combined our Thanksgiving with that of our neighbors, who are our close friends. We cooked the turkey, sweet mashed potatoes, german dark wheat stuffing, creamy corn, baked a couple loafs of bread and I made an upside down pear cake.
We ate appetizers down at their apartment, the dinner meal at our apartment, and dessert down at their apartment again. It was so beautiful. A brother took pictures so I only have a few pictures that I took. I will share them later this week.

I am still in recovery mode from the holiday and from my mom visiting. The day that I went to pick her up at the bus station, I couldn't find her. I was there for hours, she has no cell phone, she doesn't know her way around Port Authority, the subway, or NYC in general. I was there at 3pm and we didn't get home until 9 pm. I was a big mess. A big, tired, blotchy mess. All of us were, I think.
So on Sunday I literally laid on the couch for most of the day and napped. Naps are glorious.

The park where I usually take my outfit pictures also has this huge white marbled monument for WWII. Its not as far for me to walk and there is something really incredible about the way light hits it. Plus it makes for a good windbreaker.

Herringbone trousers plus white snakeskin-y peep toe flats? Yes, please.

This outfit is all about the white and greys. And it matches beautifully with the background, too, huh?

The amber and pearl necklace just looks so well with grey.

I like simple, easy makeup because I'm lazy. So what I do a lot of the time is just take a simple gold or copper eye shade and line the edges of my lashes with it, sometimes covering the whole eyelid.
Since I don't have the pix ready from Thanksgiving, here are some pix of a mango, strawberry and blueberry pie that I like to make.

Mango is really an ideal fruit to put in a pie. It doesnt fall apart but the tangy flavor goes well with anything you want in a pie-especially strawberries or blueberries. Plus the orange color is just really different and makes the pie seem really gourmet or exotic. Not to mention the taste! The texture! Mmmmmm!

I know Thanksgiving is barely just over, but now I'm thinking about Christmas, which is a great time to live in New York.
My favorite, favorite activity to do around Christmas time is to go look at the window displays at the Bergdorf Goodman store. They are the most elaborate, detailed and imaginative window dressings you have ever seen. I spend at least an hour looking and staring in admiration, taking dozens of photos.
So look forward to me taking pictures this year so you can see how amazing they are!

I found this video about all the time and effort it takes to do these windows, and it just got me excited for this year's displays.!

Outfit details:
hat: uo
top: charlotte russe
necklaces: charlotte russe and f21
sweater: thrifted
pants: daffy's
shoes: old navy


  1. Lovely outfit! I adore the lacy top - lace rules! :) But please, tell me, is it warm in NYC? Because you wore peep-toes...I'm green with envy! We're currently freezing our asses off in the Czech Republic (oh, how I hate winter) :-D

  2. the window displays in NY are like nothing else, so much fun. Very cute outfit and I love your necklace

  3. I love this outfit. it sounds like you had such a good w/e!