Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Moss Girl

This is a tough month-its colder, I have a psych test...and I'm writing a novel. Did you know that November is NAtional Novel WRIting MOnth...aka NANOWRIMO.

50,000 words in 30 days! Come on! I encourage you to join in with me! I did it last year and came pretty close...I just want to stop thinking and overanalyzing and just write!

Its getting colder and its pretty tough for me to take outdoor pictures without making horribly grumpy faces. But I just want to get more exercise and love to be outside.

My blue lips are possibly at this point nearly matching the blue green of the flowers on the jacket.
Excuse me while I prop my chest up on this mossy barnacled boulder.
When you bend down you can see that the pebbles underfoot also include many crab corpses! Yaaaaaaaay! But the colors are just so...incredible.
I'm so cold that in most of these pictures I have no neck because my shoulders hunch up against the cold. I'm calling it turtle-chic.

I just dig this moss at the beach and the barnacles that are everywhere!
The little belly bump that you see is not kittens but the charming thing that happens when i wear tights, i get that nice little jelly roll. I think during winter you should just wear tights everyday for maximum warmth.

I feel that green shoes are a must in every girl's wardrobe.
So I made a brioche for the first time! Its something like a pastry dough...sort of like the dough of cinnamon rolls. I doubled the recipe and this is what the giant loaf ended up looking like!

Lets get a close up of this beautiful brioche footage!
Yeahhh thats what I am talking about.
I love frying it up in slices with cinnamon blended with butter and sugar. Or making french toast of it-which is sorta unnecessary, as brioche is made up of mostly butter and eggs to begin with.
Ugh I should be studying for this psych test about now.
I think my Nanowrimo is about 4000 words...I think. I may be behind. I think you're supposed to be writing about 2000 words a day. Sigh...This year's nanowrimo is starting out rocky...I'm cranky.

Outfit details:
top: charlotte russe
jacket: charlotte russe
pants: charlotte russe
shoes: lulus
necklace: handmade, see it on my etsy!

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  1. Love your tights! And that brioche looks incredible!