Thursday, November 11, 2010

Orange Girl

Ah. I always have something that I want to blog about, but by the time I am actually typing, I forget everything I wanted to say! When it gets colder, I tend to want to stay in and windows explorer shop (get it?? window shopping!). I actually am now really in love with the Zara store.

I remember when I first moved to NYC, a friend of mine was like, 'have you been to this store called zara something? They have great clearance stuff!'
Its a store that I went into and was like, whoooa too expensive. But after looking at the website and their gorgeous designs I decided I needed to go in person to a store.
I mean, years later after living here, its sad but $40 for a top isn't considered expensive anymore.

I still consider it expensive, especially when zara has very classic, simple designs that you can find at h&m and thrift stores and whatnot. But when you touch the fabrics, you can see why it is expensive. It feels heavier, thicker.

What I like also is the design of the store, too. Its not a madhouse with racks crammed so full of clothing that its a fight to pull something out, and impossible to hang it back.
That drives me crazy.
I've been on the lookout for some nice peruvian or fair isle designs-legwarmers, arm warmers, or maybe a nice thinner sweater. I have been trying to include more texture, more inoffensive prints in my wardrobe!
And I've been making a list of these Inoffensive Prints: stripes, plaid, polka dots, particular florals. And now, fair isle (but not the kind with reindeer or snowflakes, bleh!).

Its tough. And I worry that Free People holds my soul hostage-its chalk full of fair isle and is owning me. That company makes everything look so good.

But if i were six feet tall im sure everything would look great on me too.

Maybe this mess of necklaces is not working.

Thanksgiving is coming up and i am nervous. So much cooking and planning and my mom is visiting-so stressful. We might see the Thanksgiving parade at Macy's. Gulp.

I am kinda in love with this color combo: grey, navy white stripes and orange.

I haven't put this necklace up on etsy. I'm kinda feeling disappointed with etsy lately. But its my fault for not using the chat room more to promote myself. Its tough-i dont want to charge too much for necklaces, but if i dont make a profit, i cant make more.

Im really nervous.
Im visiting the FIT campus tomorrow...going to school for fashion? It makes me super nervous. Its such a crazy plan.

Outfit deets:
hat: uo
top: thrifted
pants: thrifted
shoes: anthro
sweater: target


  1. Love the knit hat! And that sweater is such a vibrant color. : )

  2. i'll totally follow you back! and i don't follow just anyone :) i forgot that november was novel-writing month, and i've been hemming and hawing about organizing my notes since i hit a wall with my novel this summer--if i could finish it this month that would be incredible (but pretty unlikely...). number two, i LOVE the seed-mobile you made! i might have to copy it. and finally--i didn't know that zara had online shopping now! very dangerous...

  3. Yay!
    The thing about nanowrimo is just to get you writing! I'm telling myself not to analyze it too much, just write and not think about complex plots/characters/metaphors. Once the month is over, I will comb through it and rewrite t all into something maybe presentable and readable. :)
    And zara kinda has online shopping now-it shows clothes and prices, I think they are working their way up to selling their stuff online. Dangerous for all womankind!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your very sweet comment! I'm following you now. I love your witty writing! Jellyroll from tights, made me laugh, I so get that too. Good luck with Nanowrimo! I got halfway last year. Only 2,000 words this year... yikes. Hope you make it! By the way, I love your Cicada necklace on Etsy... very very cool!

  5. P.s. I hear you about Etsy, can never get a sale to save my life. Also, good luck with FIT. Go for it! I wish I would have...

  6. I love your outfit here! I love Zara, sometimes you can find really good sales, keep at it :)

  7. P.s. again... I featured your cicada necklace on my fashion friday post!

  8. I think this outfit totally works. I love the mix of textures and colors. I too, was hesitant to try Zara, but was told I need "a little European" in my life, so...stay tuned?


  9. Your "A little European" comment almost made me snort oj up my nose, haha!