Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sick Girl Continues...

So Day Ninety Hundred of Being Sick.
Not really, it just feels that way.

I was very very brave to take an outfit picture outside even though my nose was running like crazy and I couldnt breathe and I was very grumpy. Thats why I am making worse faces than usual.
I am wearing my DIY-tastic hand warmers yaaaaaaaaay. I have been struggling to clean the house and shop for groceries for Thanksgiving and do laundries and all sorts of fun things like that. Its even tougher when I'm whining and complaining to myself the whole time. I just hate being sick, and this particular flu doesnt let me eat or sleep so I feel half crazy and super grumpy.
I don't know how these city girl bloggers can take pix out on the street. I felt horribly awkward. There were a couple of women digging through garbage cans searching for cans and I was sure that I looked very vain and insane for not wearing a coat. I love taking pictures outside in Nature with no people around...

My lovely foyer...
I love these textures so much! Why is this writing underlined? I guess blogger thinks what I am saying is very important.

I made this ring!
I know that statement necklaces are all the rage but for some reason I found this delicate necklace in my jewelry box and have been wearing it constantly. It matches with everything!

Isn't it cool how this lawn shirt makes a cool shadowy tattoo on my bosom? Heck yeahs.

I can't tell whether these colors work or not. I think my color sense is pretty messed up right now, like when you can't smell anything when you're sick. Can I blame poor fashion decisions on my being sick?
Oh, pooh, I forgot to include a close up of my headband. Its a thin headband made of tiny black and white spotted feathers. Its awesome-sauce. I've never said that. Where'd I get that?

This is my 'i am feeling so tired and gross bleah' pose. Thanks for letting me lean on you, building.
Don't worry I am sure that I will be more witty and have better outfits/pictures soon. But since its so cold lately, I'm worried I won't be able to as much. But it WOULD be pretty neat to have a fashion shoot in the SNOW.

Outfit details:
shoes: uo
socks: can't remember
skirt: daffy's
belt: thrifted
top: uo
cardigan: f21
hand warmers: h&m


  1. i Loveeee your necklace!! I would feel awk taking pics outside too I think :)

  2. love the mixing of texture here and thank you for your nice comment :)

  3. ou, I very very like UR blog :*
    is cute and nice !

    follow me and write comment, if U want ;**

  4. Hi! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I wanted to return the favour :) This look is great, I love the vintage touch to it! Get well soon!

  5. Love fair isle print! - referring to your gloves haha. Nice blog!

  6. Hi dear!
    Thanks for the comment in my new blog!

    I love your Vintage touch!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Great job on those hand warmers =)


  8. Lovely, cute hand warmers and the accessories, beautiful !!!!