Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food Library

So I feel bad...I said in my little blog summary blurb that this blog would include food......and I haven't yet, not really!
Let me say a little bit about on the subject: growing up with my mom, the only spices in the house used for cooking were salt and pepper. I think once we did have spices but I did the cooking and went crazy with it and then we didn't have it anymore. My mom is just not a big cook, I guess.
When I was in college, my friend loved to cook. I helped her make curries and cookies and kugels. I was fascinated, so much more to cooking than instant rice and stuff from jars!

When I moved to NYC after college, I had my own room in an apartment and did my own cooking. It was very simple stuff and to my taste-chicken breast in soy sauce, the boxes of mac and cheese with tuna in it. This was before I knew of spices, still.

One of my best friends from College moved to LA and went to Culinary seems that now its common to go to college for one thing, be unable to get a good job at that, and go to another kind of school to learn some kind of skill and get a job in that! Anyway, when I visited her I watched her cook and learned a bit more and she even lent me her cooking school manual! I remember looking at her kitchen and seeing all the utensils and the inside of her fridge and just being amazed at this whole world of cooking...

When I moved into my next apartment, I had three guy roommates, one of which was my SWEETY. Now, my sweety, he can cook! He taught and is teaching me, a lot about cooking! But I have always wanted to know how to cook and bake (much harder, chemistry is involved, lol!). We make our own bread and desserts and everything we make is from scratch. We even have our own spice plants in the dining room-rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender.

My friend Patricia in my building loves to cook, like Martha Stewart cooking-inspired. I learn from her just about how GOOD food can look....garnishes and sugared orange rind and cut up fruit in salads.

To me, visiting a restaurant meant seeing pretty food in a beautiful presentation.
But, its so not true.
I made spring rolls the other night and I garnished them with sesame seeds sprinkled on top and had alfalfa sprouts on top of the rice and dikon radish and I thought, this is my home and my food will LOOK good too.
I am always taking pictures of our food not because I am weird but I am just so amazed by how good food looks and tastes and feels...
Someday I would like to focus more on food here-how to make your own bread, desserts and such-but for now I just love to take pictures of it and share them.

*Pictured above are some of our breakfasts-french toast with poppy seeds, raspberries, peaches and crepes with powdered sugar and strawberries!

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