Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fun (fun is the one thing that money can't buy)

I am having a bit of a dilemma.I don't know if its something to talk about on a blog. I like to keep it pretty superficial sometimes. I think maybe I need to do my best in the coming weeks and then maybe things will be clearer and less...angsty for me.
I found this top at Goodwill. Its something I thought I could never pull off or be interested in. But style changes over time and I was curious so I took it. I used to wear hoodies everyday and now I rarely wear them. What the eff, style self?

I really dig herringbone.
I really dig these shoes. They're too big and they're super heavy. My sweety doesn't understand, he's like, why would you wear shoes that are too big? When you buy things at clearance, you usually don't get too much choice in the sizes. I just love the brand Irregular Choice, and these were one of the last pairs of these. They make me feel super stylish.

So this necklace is a little more tangled than its supposed to be. I worked it.

So this top is pretty sheer. I am bringing back bras showing through shirts.

I am going to try to wear tights as much as possible this fall. I own many pairs but never wear them much because I am pretty squishy and when you wear tights and you're squishy, the tights push up your flesh in weird ways. Plus I have to wear them super high up (to my belly button) and thats not flattering. Why do I do that? I didn't think I was that short. Maybe I just need to work on that.

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