Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh when she holds me, nobody told me All of the fear her love would bring

Oh my goodness, today is such a schlumpy day. Its rainy, its cold and I don't want to go to work.
I am super sore in a good way from doing so much yesterday. My sweety was away which meant I wasn't distracted so I did laundry, went for a run, made two necklaces (soooo exciting!), made this crazy potato leek bacon soup with eddoes and other random things from the fridge.

Whoops did not photoshop this one, kids!

Isn't that black thing in the right hand side of the picture neat? Its this candle holder with a magnifying glass in front of it. I got it for my sweety's berfday.

sooooooOOOOooooo many florals! I am in love with these earrings, too bad they're not professional so's I can't wear them to work.

I think I got these shoes after I was depressed after a biology test....I should not go shopping while depressed. Though these shoes are the most amazing thing ever. This great heel and oxford detailing. I am such a sucker for oxford detailing.

Today randomly I was on chictopia looking about and clicking on people, then their blogs and found this German girl's Etsy, except its in Germany so its DAWANDA. Check it out!

Apparently the word 'schmuck' means 'jewelry' in German. I am totally a schmuck for schmuck.
I am hoping to put up more things on etsy this week...slow going is Etsy at times. Its raining, you would think people would be swaddled up, drinking tea and looking at pretty shiny things on Etsy but noooooooo.

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