Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kiss the Rain

So....not too many detail pictures for this outfit for some reason. I also miss the layout I used to do where I would lay out the clothes and take a picture of them-a model I am not. I like to let the clothes speak for themselves.

I remember these shoes, I was with Patricia at Target and I was walking around in them, fascinated by the simple beautiful design and the springiness of the cork soles. I was like, 'should I get them?' And she was like, "You don't need them."

Long story short, I visited my mom some weeks later and they were on sale at yeah. That happened.

So this top is craaazy. I found it at the thrift store and its basically a tank top with this long piece of fabric attached at the bottom and that has these two holes in the fabric for your...head? Arms? Usually if I can't understand a garment I don't bother trying it on, why invite the frustration? But this design was more exciting, like, how many different ways can I wear it?

So I think I am a wee bit obsessed with fur. Fake, it because I can't have a cat? And I just got this fox tail from Etsy, when I opened the box I think I petted it for 10 minutes straight.

I think I may be withdrawing from a class, and its very upsetting to me. It was the first step of a plan of mine...and the fact that it might not be working out is....simultaneously saddening and...exciting. I am still in a fog...I haven't taken any action yet and now I just feel sort of depressed about it. I think I will take this day to be depressed and maybe draw a bit, do something to make me feel better and think about it more.

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