Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She's Leaving Home

So, I like to have a little photo shoot before I ship off the babies from my shop...but sometimes it feels weird, its like posing in a picture with a little kid without their parent's permission.

Once something sells from my shop, it is no longer mine, even if I did make it with my own two hands.
There is a weird sort of feeling when you sell things that you make...personally, I really really want other people to like the necklaces that I create and to want to treasure them; but I also don't want them to be gone from my sight. I will never get to see them being worn, I won't get to see the adventures they go on with their owners.
Maybe I am just weird...

As for thrifting finds, it is a totally different feeling! I think I am a bit of a design hoarder, where if I like the design of a garment, I want to have it; not because it makes me look tall or tiny but because the design is so unique. But I sometimes realize when things are not meant for me...and thats why I like selling the things I find. It almost feels like I am finding things for someone else to have. I get such a thrill whenever I find something that my friend loves to wear or when something sells on etsy-it means I was right in knowing when something is great or perfect for someone.

Bye, Akiyo Necklace! I know you're going to have awesome adventures!

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