Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tornado Watch

So I am skipping class right now. Its one of those classes where the auditorium is huge, there are about 300 people in the class and the notes are all posted on Black Board anyway.
Plus, there is a tornado watch in nyc so maybe its dangerous to go outside. Oh wait I have to go outside anyway. Grrr. Don't want to do itttttttt.
Want to watch movies and eat popcorn.

I hope to become the Queen of Layering someday. This belt cinched like this makes my chest look huge. Awesome.

Nothing in this outfit matches and its fabulous. Salmon shoes, a black and white tweedy skirt, a floral halter top, a brown vest and yellow cardigan.

Isn't this chest in the background great? My Aunt gave it to me.

My sewing machine is broken. I had my friend Patricia look at it...so its not that I'm doing something wrong. It IS pretty old, my Aunt gave it to me.
I used Patricia's sewing machine and it was sooooo fast.
I am considering actually buying a machine. I would totally use it like crazy.
And not just to hem my pants.

Outfit details:
cardigan, gift
vest, thrifted
top, anthropologie (from the two seconds when i worked there T_T)
belt, anthro
skirt, don't remember
shoes, f21 (my first pair of sky high heels)

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