Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Day

As promised, here are a few pix from my trip upstate! No class today so....

I took some time off from work before classes started so that I could visit my mom and sister, and then my sweety joined me upstate and we stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast (oh the food, oh the house) near Ithaca, NY.

When I arrived my mom was still in work, so I walked this riverside promenade from the bus stop to her place. Gorgeous day! Its silly but I was blown away by all the plants alongside the is so nature-depriving to me. T_T

August/September is blueberry season! One of my favorite fruits to pick! Can't wait to pick apples next!

Check out my guns! Blueberry faaaaaaaaaace-this was obviously taken before I had eaten so many.

Fun Fact: When I was younger, I used to walk up to this blueberry farm to pick blueberries and they would pay you by the pound! At the time I was like, sweet! Best job evar...oh to be young.

Its such a small thing but the air upstate, away from the city is so clear and fresh and i just kept breathing the air. It was sooooo goood.

Another reason why I love visiting my mom: my kitteeeeeeeeeeh! I would love to take her back with me to my apartment, but I won't get a cat when it would have to stay indoors all the time. I grew up with animals that could always go outside and run around. I would feel sad if i had to keep an animal inside.

So here are photos of the place we stayed at!
I was a dumb bunny and decided to visit Ithaca during the time when all the students are coming back to Cornell and Ithaca College so it was tough to find a place to stay! We were lucky to find such a fantastic place! The fooooood!

Oh my gaw, the food. The first nite, my sweety got a delicious steak and I had sea scallops. I also had this drink that was basically some kind of liquer in root beer. it was awesome.

This B&B has a great history and they have photos up all other documenting it and the city its in. A lot of the original architecture and detailing is still there!

Like this telephone! I wish I had left my cell phone at home so I could've used this!

So....I didn't put up any pix of the room, because it so big! It had a big bed and wardrobe and dressers and a chaise and one of those sliding doors that slide into the wall to the connecting bath!
Fun fact: the reason I chose the room was because the bathroom had a clawfoot bathtub. I've always wanted to take a bath in one.
P.S. I totally did! Those tubs are HIGH off the floor!

Even the radiators have lovely details!
We ate breakfast every morning in the ballroom (no pictures :( ) I guess there is an Amish farm nearby and much of breakfast would come from there-banana and zucchini breads, quiches with mushrooms and arugula....oh my goodness.

In Ithaca there is a nature center that has a five story treehouse (i think its 5) built by a high school class! Its sooo neat!

This is Buttermilk Falls! I looooooove the State Parks in Ithaca!
Let me know if you ever want to stay at this B&B! I highly recommend it and I can hook you up!

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